Galactic Gems Online Game Tournament Is On At PCHgames!


Are you ready for yet another way to win cash just by playing games? If you answered “YES” to that question, then today is YOUR day! That’s right…it’s time for the Galactic Gems Online Game Tournament at PCHgames, where you can win up to BIG CASH just for participating.

Are you sitting there reading this and saying, “I want to win cash but what on earth is galactic gems and how do you play?!” Fear not gamers, I’m here to help! In fact, I just sat down and played Galactic Gems for about 20 minutes just so I could get a handle on what you’re all in for!

Luckily, straight off the bat, you’ve got some instructions!


All you have to do is swap the gems to make matches of 3 or more vertically or horizontally. Matching more than 3 will create bonuses! Additionally, there are a couple extra types of gems that you should be aware of.

When swapped, the swirling gem will remove ALL gems of that color across the board. In the below example, you would swap the purple gem below it with the red gem beneath that!


When you see this pipe looking icon, move it and you can clear the entire row! It doesn’t have to be in a set of 3 like other gems and it can be moved horizontally or vertically. Hint: Pay attention to how many gems are in the row horizontally. If you’ve only got three, it makes more sense to move it vertically because you will clear more gems!


The icon below will set off a bomb type of gem, which will clear PLENTY of gems around it!


Finally, if you get stuck, there’s no harm in pressing the Hint button, which will highlight two gems which can be switched to make a combo. The below example it shows that you can switch the blue gem to line up three diamonds for your combo!


Now that you’ve seen all my helpful hints, I know what you really want…the cash! So how do you win? Here’s the Prize breakdown:


I hope my hints and tips have helped…but remember, you don’t need to be an expert to win cash in this (or any) Online Game Tournament at PCHgames! So what are you waiting for gamers? Start playing now!

Good luck,
Sarah S.
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P.S. Remember you must register to bank tokens and play for cash!

6 thoughts on “Galactic Gems Online Game Tournament Is On At PCHgames!”

  1. Skip Vose says:

    I would like to play Galactic Gems, not GG2

  2. old richard says:

    how did you get in?

  3. MARINA VERDUN says:

    this game will not open for me so what is wrong wiuth the site/web/game?????????

  4. Stan says:

    This game and Tournament is a RIP Off! I played over 3 hours and score was over 90,000. When I tried to submit my score I got a popup to sign in to register my score so I followed instructions and signed in again but lost score and tokens. WHAT A SCAM!!!

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hi Stan, I am so sorry! We were experiencing some technical difficulties. We would like to help you with this issue, but we will need more information than we can gather through the Blog. Please send us a message using our Ask Us page found here: so that we can look into this for you.

      – Jussie W. at PCH

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