PCHgames Tournament Practice Rounds: Fun with Find-O-Vision!


Hi Gamers,

Work. Work. Work.

Sometimes it seems like that’s all we ever do with our time. And you know what they say about all work and no play…

That’s why here at PCHGames, we believe in fun, fun, fun!  So take a break and touch base about your workload another time, table that to-do list for now and make ends meet later. You can always circle back to it. Instead, use now as a time to be proactive…about having fun! Today, Practice Rounds for the Find-O-Vision PCHgames Tournament start! You’ll even earn 10x the tokens just for participating!

Your invested time in cool online games could pay great dividends, too! Winners of next week’s tournament stand to gain up to $1,000.00 in cash!

Here’s the Prize breakdown:

Never played Find-O-Vision? Never fear! Simply go to PCHgames, sign up and start playing. When you play Find-O-Vision, you don’t just watch TV, you play TV! Whether it’s a sitcom setting, a fictional cooking show or a parody of a crime drama, you’ll have to beat the clock in a race to find each of the 10 hidden objects used for the scene. Turn on the TV, review the item list and begin your search for the 10 indicated objects used within the TV show. Click on each as fast as you can to advance to the next level! If you get stuck, you can even ask for hints!

Here at PCHgames, you can play any of our cool online games for free while earning tokens. You’ll even get chances to win instantly! You can’t beat that! PCHgames has so many fun online games from which to choose: Arcade Games, Casino Games, Instant Win Games, Sports Games, Strategy Games, Trivia Games, and more!

After all, at PCHgames, having fun is all in a day’s work!


Kate M.

P.S. Thanks to everyone who participated in our Games Challenge on Monday’s blog! Here are the answers to the “Find The Differences” game!

1. Top hat on the angel
2. Airplane flying over cloud at upper left
3. One of the gates has become a PCH “Big Check”
4. DOVE in the second column is now an EAGLE
5. The number 7 in the second column has changed to the number 1
6. Below the number 7 in the fifth column, there are now 3 trumpets
7. Green “SPIN” button instead of red

Did YOU get them all? And would YOU like to see more games like this on the blog?

6 thoughts on “PCHgames Tournament Practice Rounds: Fun with Find-O-Vision!”

  1. Susan Peters says:

    I can get PCH play&win, but basketball was deleted from my choices. I can’t be in it to win it without basketball. I’m in second place too! Please give it back to me so I have a chance to be tournament winner. I’ve worked hard to get 2nd place, but I want to keep going so I can Win!! Please Help before I get too far behind Selena. Thank you!

  2. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

    Hi Amber, I’m so sorry you’ve had a terrible experience! With any of PCH games or sweepstakes, there’s never a catch to enter so you NEVER have to purchase anything or pay a fee. However, while we have many draws, unfortunately, not everyone can win. But everyone who enters or plays has the same chance of winning the prize, so don’t lose hope!

    – Jussie W. at PCH

  3. Pam hunt says:

    who won the tournament

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hi Pam, This was a Special Early Look for the “Forever” prize. When we didn’t get a matching number, the Second Chance prize of $1 Million went into effect and was awarded to Elise Gutierrez of Laplace, LA! Here’s more info: http://bit.ly/specialearlylook

      – Jussie W. at PCH

  4. Patricia Thompson says:

    (I got spam-botted and it didnt post) I have played findovision for a few days now and it isnt giving me my tokens…alot of people are complaining that the games arnt working right and tokens are not being credited

  5. Patricia Thompson says:

    I have played find- o-vision for a few days now and it isnt rewarding my tokens…I found all but one this morning and it never showed up on my account tally…alot of post from other people on their profiles about games not working right….

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