Fun Online Games, Login Bonus & Game Tournament! What A Week!


Hey gamers! There are so many great online events happening at PCHgames this week. I can’t wait to tell you all about them…but where to start? How does a Terrific Tuesday login bonus sound? Today you’ll score 1,500 Bonus Tokens the first time you log in to 1,500 tokens just for logging in? I’d say that’s pretty terrific!

How would you use your bonus tokens?  Would you enter to win a $100.00 Cash Gift Card for 1,000 tokens? (You’d still have enough tokens to enter for something awesome like a $50.00 Starbucks gift card!) One thing’s for sure―you could enter for lots of exciting prizes with 1,500 bonus tokens!

Ok, once you’ve logged in today and claimed your tokens…which of our fun online games are you going to play? Might I suggest Find-O-Vision? After all, today’s the last day to sharpen your skills during practice rounds before tomorrow’s BIG Find-O-Vision Game Tournament!  Over $2,300.00 in prizes are guaranteed to be awarded ― with a top prize of $1,000.00! And guess what? You could win a prize just for playing during this exciting online event because two randomly-selected tournament players will win $150.00!

What is Find-O-Vision exactly? Well, it’s TV like you’ve never seen it before. In Find-O-Vision, you don’t watch TV, you play TV! Whether it’s a sitcom, cooking show or crime drama, you’ll have to beat the clock in a race to find 10 hidden objects.


Sounds easy enough, right?  But, I am telling you, as you’re frantically searching for hidden objects it can get quite intense!  Keep clicking as fast as you can to advance to the next level.

It’s official! I’m hooked on Find-O-Vision. How about you? Have you tried this thrilling TV-themed game yet? Speaking of TV, what’s your favorite TV show? Me, I’m hooked on Person Of Interest and Nashville right now.  Tell me your favorites in the comments section below.

Game on!

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

3 thoughts on “Fun Online Games, Login Bonus & Game Tournament! What A Week!”

  1. Umaru Kamara says:

    I’m ask demanding pch officials and members to please claimed my bonus token rewards, major bonus takens reward for the matching three or more Lottoring number yesterday by going for double reward. I did my work please look after and try my best . Thank your pch officials for tournament games 2015.

  2. phyl nagalski says:

    I would first save the sober house so at least 43 people would be saved including my disabled self and my wife please help

  3. Kanika Loeung says:

    I’d like Cash Prize Even of $2,300.00 and 1,500 Bonus Tokens.

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