Love Classic Arcade Games? Carniball Online Game Tournament Today!

PW_3_27_Carniball Online Game Tournament

Overloaded with emails? Buried in work? Can’t stand to read yet another silly post from one of your friends? They say that sometimes a little recreation is the best way to increase productivity. (Well, I’m sure somebody, somewhere probably said that at some time.) So, why not take a break and hit the arcade to play some classic arcade games — from the comfort of your very own desk! Today, you can score up to $1,000.00 CASH!

That’s right, gamers! Today is our Carniball Online Game Tournament Day! OVER $2,300.00 in prizes are GUARANTEED to be awarded in our CARNIBALL TOURNAMENT, and it’s all happening NOW at PCHGames!

The prize breakdown is as follows:

  • 1st Place Grand Prize – $1,000.00
  • 2nd Place – $500.00
  • 3rd Place – $250.00
  • Plus, the top three token earners will receive $100.00 each!

And another thing! You don’t have to be a Carniball ace to win big in OUR online game tournament! Just because you may not be up on your game doesn’t mean that you don’t have a chance to win, too. PCHgames will hold a random drawing among the participants and award two tournament day players with $150.00 each! Who says there are no points for second place? Here at PCHgames, there’s a chance for ANYONE to win!

It’s easy to play. Simply use your mouse to aim, control your power and roll the ball up the incline, over the bumper and into one of the numbered scoring rings. Aim high! The higher the rings, the more points they’re worth.

The object of the game is to get as many points as you can. The rings are worth 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 100 points. Be sure to do your best scoring when you receive a blue or red ball to hurl! Red is worth two times the points and blue is worth four times the points. Plus, you’ll even earn an extra ball when you dunk into a glowing score ring – keep an eye out for them!

So gamers, you don’t have to drive to a faraway beach town to find this classic arcade game. You can play anytime. Just put the work down and make a new game plan. Put your bills aside and play ball – Carniball, right here at PCHgames.

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Have fun!

Kate M.
PCH Creative

P.S. What was your favorite vacation spot when you were a kid?

7 thoughts on “Love Classic Arcade Games? Carniball Online Game Tournament Today!”

  1. AckleySmith says:

    Really fantastic post , I shared this post with friends.

  2. Wow…… I love the game of carniball. If I get time i definitely gone play more. my personnel game playing website of all the time

  3. pearl kaur says:

    Its a great way of enjoying and earning points is also not difficult. Online games are seriously ultimate source of fun.

  4. Leticia Bibo says:

    Leticia Bibo Said…
    Yesterday I was play the games but only think I have 700 points I really wants to win the game!!one think always I use PCHgames,PCHSearch Or PCH Blog online it said my comment is awaiting moderation I don’t know why fix this for me please.Thanks God Bless

  5. Jorge Ramirez says:

    i was playing this game yesterday and it was pretty cool i had fun with it trying to make it to the 100 points and 50 pointer , just my computer slow so i can play it well :[

  6. william manson says:

    your people cheat it a crockk i play all night and day there is no way you score 3000 points on this game without cheating very unfair you suck

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hi William, we’re so sorry! When a tournament is being played and we find evidence of cheating, that player will be removed from the tournament and will forfeit any winnings as well as potentially having their account shut down. Please be assured all scores earned during a tournament are reviewed for cheating activity before the winners are posted. All players found to be cheating will be disqualified from winning the tournament. Prizes will only be awarded to users who are playing fairly. We apologize for any concern this may have caused and thank you for taking the time to notify us.

      – Jussie W. at PCH

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