Lesley S. Helps Bring You The Free Lotto Cards You Love!

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PCHlotto got a “LOTTO” more exciting on April 30, 2011 when Lesley S. was hired as the new Product Manager.

Now hard-hitting, investigative blog reporter, Elliott M., asks Lesley the important questions concerning her arrival at PCHlotto, because smart, savvy PCH fans, like you, “wanna” know.

Elliott: So, Lesley, what is your personal mission as PCHlotto Product Manager?

Lesley: In these down economic times, my mission is to bring Lotto card players the games they love every day for FREE! I am also focusing on convenience – not only can you play PCHlotto from your home, but you can also play it anywhere using your mobile device!

Elliott: What do you enjoy most about PCHlotto?

Lesley: I really love our new Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot. I love the excitement of the red ticker that shows the prize growing Bigger and BIGGER, up to $3,000,000.00! That would be the biggest prize we’ve ever had on PCHlotto!

Elliott: I noticed the lotto cards and prizes are constantly being refreshed with new prizes and promotions. Why is it so important to you to keep the site so fresh?

Lesley: A big reason behind that is replacing contests as they are won. Our monthly events, Live Lotto events, and Daily Cash event are so exciting because winners are guaranteed!

Elliott: What’s with the Rolling Jackpot? As I was playing the card, I could see the Jackpot growing by the moment.

Lesley: I’m glad you asked! The Rolling Jackpot is my newest and most exciting initiative. Similar to a paid Lottery Jackpot, (only better because it’s free), our Bigger Bucks Millions Jackpot continuously increases, with every game play, up to a maximum of $3,000,000.00!

Elliott: PCHlotto recently gave away a $1.25 Million Jackpot. How exciting was it for you to be a part of an event that made someone a millionaire?

Lesley: I must say this is the best part of my job. Helping make people’s dreams come true really makes me feel like my job is important! And I love all the inspirational stories I’ve heard from our winners.

Elliott: PCHlotto is about to feature free lotto game cards starring the beloved cartoon character Felix The Cat. Just what do you think Felix has in his magical Bag Of Tricks for PCHlotto fans?

Lesley: Felix is going to feature over $1,021,000.00 in prize entry opportunities for our fans!

Elliott: Any hints about what’s coming up in the future for PCHlotto fans?

Lesley: We are constantly thinking of ways to reward our fans with MORE free lotto cards and sweepstakes entries. I don’t want to give away details too soon, but our fans are going to be thrilled when they see what’s coming in 2013!

Hey PCHlotto Fans, Tell Lesley What You Want To See Next!

First, there were the Archie Comics’ PCHlotto cards. Second, Felix The Cat is making a special appearance. COMMENT BELOW to tell Lesley what famous cartoon character you’d like to see in a special PCHlotto promotion!

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