Got A Question About PCHgames? We’ve Got Answers!


Happy Friday Gamers!

We have a really exciting blog for you today. Just a few weeks ago, we asked fans of our PCHgames Fan Page on Facebook to comment with whatever questions they had for our PCHgames team. Well, our fans came up with some AWESOME questions – and our equally AWESOME PCHgames Product Owner, Danny, was kind enough to answer a bunch of them right here on the blog. Enjoy!

Lily Roxann H.: Does anyone actually win the card games such as Solitaire, and Tri-Peaks, and the Jigsaw Puzzles and so on and so forth?

Danny: Oh yes, you should check the leaderboard for each game.  You can see who has the highest score by day, week, and all time.  You can also see who’s racking up the tokens for a particular game.

Audrey B.: How do you find how to spend points you’ve won?

Danny: You can redeem your tokens for chances to win our gift card sweepstakes.

Betty P.: When do you change jigsaw pictures?

Danny: For Daily Jigsaw we have about 408 different puzzles which covers us till June 27th.  I’d better get starting finding some new ones.

Marahya D.: Why have all the instant win games been changed to require you to have adobe flash player? I only have a kindle and can no longer play or enter certain sweepstakes.

Danny: Sorry Marahya, we’ve always required flash player for our games.  Stay tuned because we’re working on bringing the fun of PCHgames to mobile devices!

Rebecca D.: I want to know, who thinks up the games? They are all good.

Danny: Thanks! The ideas for games come from a few different people and sources.  Sometimes we look at card or board games and translate them to computer games.  Other times we work with other companies or game developers to license games that we think you’ll enjoy.  This is the case with a new game we are working on called Circuitare, which is a fun new twist on classic solitaire.

Karen A.: I personally love to play KINGS IN THE CORNER and am wondering, or rather trying to understand your score system. Seems to me a player should earn a lot more tokens or points for winning in 1 hand or with really high scores!

Danny: Kings in the corner is one of my favorites, too!  I agree you should earn more tokens and I’m fixing that.  Check back with us on 4/11, and I think you’ll agree with our improvements!

WOW! That was great, don’t you agree? I learned so much about PCHgames! And guess what…we aren’t done yet! That’s right…we got SO many awesome questions on our PCHgames Fan Page on Facebook, that we’ll be posting ANOTHER blog next week with more answers! So be sure to check back!

Also, comment below if YOU have any questions…who knows, Danny could answer them for you in our next blog!

Happy Gaming everyone!


Amanda C.
PCH Creative

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71 thoughts on “Got A Question About PCHgames? We’ve Got Answers!”

  1. shane says:

    why do I keep getting flash player update in pch games, even though I updated it. will not let me play.

  2. Henry Victor Kotkin says:

    My name is Henry Victor Kotkin. I have been playing many games every day and when I have the highest numbers, how do I close out to win. The game I played today is MAH JONGG OF ALCHEMY and I scored much more than you showed as the winner before the game was over. What do I have to do to make shore my game is connected to you when I finish.

  3. Joyce Brown says:

    Today 1/4/2016. I was doing the scratch offs & 2 of the cards froze up after I hit the play window. It has happened b 4 but not 2 in the same game. Then after playing the scratch offs & sweepstakes I go back to Home page & see the my token total went from over 90,000 down to 67,000. so whats up today? I guess this is not a good day to play.

  4. roberta cash says:

    What is gone on with pch lottery,did I play them all or you guys just stopped it in the mildly of my me to understand what is up.thank you

  5. MJT says:

    What’s up with the games today?

  6. MJT says:

    Is any one else having problems opening and playing the Token Games?

  7. MJT says:

    Golly PCH It’s only Tues. and all I need is the O again.. Please within 4 days ya think the O will finally appear for me?

  8. warren says:

    almost every time I start my games some where along the line I end up sorry technical trouble. and I lose my tokens or can not continual the games What’s up with .thise?

    1. MJT says:

      Let me know if you get an answer

      1. warren E says:

        some reasons why the games don’t work but know way to fix them

  9. michael says:

    pch it does not matter which flash player you use ,you do have some games that do not work properly at all even with flash players ,adobe is better yes but you still have games that do not respond well, next time i play i will send you a list. updating does no good either bottom line and the real truth is poor game designs that just dont work good .pch is not the only site that has these problems go back to the drawing board and fix these games you again will get a list

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