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Jackie Robinson

Hey Gamers,

As any avid baseball fan well knows (including me) that today, April 15th is celebrated to honor and commemorate the day Jackie Robinson made his Major League debut back in 1947.

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Being 26 years old, I never had the privilege of witnessing Jackie’s grandeur on the diamond. I’ve heard countless tales of his titanic home runs, gravity defying catches and the way he’d fly around the base paths. But the magic he displayed on the field was far more meaningful than any statistic or tally recorded in the win column.

The Hall of Famer’s immeasurable impact was felt most in our social society, as he managed to break baseball’s color barrier. This was a man not only blessed with God-given baseball ability but with supreme courage, determination and charisma.

“A Life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.”

A quote Jackie lived by, and one I believe many should aspire to follow.

Jackie’s famous words also tend to resonate with my very own job here at Publishers Clearing House. We’re always striving to make an impact in other people’s lives, whether it’s writing a blog or even delivering a life-changing SuperPrize!

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Happy Gaming!

Matt S.
PCH Creative

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