Love to Play Bingo Online? Play Bingo Party Chat —With Friends!

If you love to play bingo online, then you’ve got to play Bingo Party Chat — the online bingo game that lets you chat with friends!

Play Bingo Party PCHGames

Why play a game by yourself when you can play a game with a friend? That’s what hundreds of PCH Bingo players discover each day when they meet up and play Bingo Party Chat at PCHGames!

My first time logging onto the chat room was last week, and the first room I saw was called “Crystal Caves.” Upon entering, I was greeted with a friendly “hello” from nearly every person in the room!

Bingo Party Chat Crystal Cave

A game had just ended, and as I was about to purchase my Bingo cards for the next round, I noticed a sudden flood of well wishes for the winner. Instead of people feeling sorry for themselves, everyone was congratulating the person who had just won! What a refreshing sight!

After I selected my cards, people were clamoring for me to introduce myself. I told them my name and where I was from. Meanwhile, a friendly debate on the good looks of country superstar Keith Urban popped up! The conversation was so cute and fun, I had to “LOL” or “laugh out loud”!

I asked the room if they always rooted for each other to win, and the regulars there said it was a common occurrence. In fact, when some players have been sick or in the hospital, they have all sent collective well wishes and positive thoughts. Clearly this is a warm and friendly community!

Those who find themselves in the “Crystal Cave” chat room (or “Cavers”) are certainly blessed with a fun group to speak with while the Bingo numbers are called. In fact, the conversation is so good you nearly forget that a game is being played! The same can be said for the other rooms in Bingo Party chat, from the raucous joking of the Mystery Island to the restful banter of the Secret Garden, not to mention the youthful exuberance of Adventure Park. Each room has their own personality, with the one common denominator being real friendship.

Bingo Party Chat Mystery Island

Bingo Party Chat Secret Garden

Bingo Party Chat Adventure Park

I wish I could have spent more time with my friends in the Crystal Cave. The conversation was fun and playing Bingo was addictive! I know I’ll always be welcomed there, and I’m sure you would be too! So if you like to play bingo online, why not play Bingo Party Chat at PCHGames? And when you check it out, be sure to tell them Matt K. sent you!

Tell me: are any of you blog readers Bingo Party players? Do you join the chat room? Which room is your favorite? Comment below and let us know.

Happy chatting!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. – One thing you’ll want to bring with you are tokens!  Tokens are PCHPlay&Win virtual currency — they can be accumulated and redeemed for entries into other sweepstakes on PCHgames. When you play Bingo Party, you’ll get chances to score MORE tokens with the special slots game-inside-the-game! Tokens you gain are automatically added to your account.

20 thoughts on “Love to Play Bingo Online? Play Bingo Party Chat —With Friends!”

  1. Naomi says:

    Please bring Bingo Party back. We are all waiting for it’s big return. Listen to the pch community please!

  2. Minnette says:

    Download bingo pch game

  3. keep checking back to see if you have come to your senses yet, guess not. BRING BACK BINGO PARTY!/ CHAT

  4. Sharol Backues says:

    I cannot find bingo any longer, loved to play. Is it no longer available?

  5. tatala palimoo says:

    I love play bingo every day.

  6. shirley mcdaniel (aka sam) says:

    I miss playing with my friends

  7. SR says:

    I love playing the bingo also.

  8. pchcar says:

    too bad some people Had to ruin bingo / chat . Not fair to the rest of us.
    Please bring bingo / chat back !! ;(

  9. Carla M Antee says:

    I still feel the same

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