To Quick Pick or Not To Quick Pick…That IS The Question!

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I believe it was Shakespeare himself who uttered the all-important question that serves as the title of this blog. Actually, that is not even a little bit true, but the fact remains that when it comes to lotto it is an important question. Let’s break down your choices, shall we?

To Quick Pick…

Here is the option for those of you out there who truly believe in fate or the luck of the draw. Choosing the Quick Pick option means that the card numbers will be randomly selected for you. It’s very easy, and like its name suggests, QUICK! To me, this option works best for those in a hurry or for those who aren’t that good at making decisions.

Quick Pick At PCHlotto

Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot Card BEFORE I click “Quick Pick”


Quick Pick Option At PCHlotto

Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot Card AFTER I hit “Quick Pick”. The numbers are selected for me!

Not To Quick Pick (Pick Your Own)…

When I think of the pick your own option, I always think that this is better-suited for you emotional beings out there. What numbers are significant to you? Maybe it’s the birthday of your son or daughter. Maybe it’s your 9th grade locker combination. Or maybe, it’s just the specific numbers that are speaking to you that day.

Watch my video below to see how to choose Quick Pick or Pick Your Own At PCHlotto:


Either way, the choice is yours and everyone has their own reasons for their preference.

To my point, I’ve gone ahead and asked some of my co-workers here at Publishers Clearing House what THEY prefer!

Quick pick. I’m lazy.” – Morgan B.

Choose my own. That way I know I have the winning numbers!” – Nick P.

Quick pick! It would take me hours to choose my own!” – Amanda C.

Quick Pick. It takes the pressure off!” Kate M.

Depends on the day. If I’m lazy, quick pick. If I’m feeling lucky, I choose my own.” – Yours Truly.

So blog readers, that’s what WE think…but we want to know what YOU think. Do you Quick Pick or do you choose your own numbers? If you do choose your own, what numbers do you choose? Are they significant to you? Comment below and let us know.

And remember, whether you quick pick or pick your own, PCHlotto is the way to go! It’s absolutely free to play, there are winners every single day, and there’s even a jackpot that increases every time you play up to $3 Million!

So, I guess the real question is…why pay a buck when all you need is luck?

Play PCHlotto TODAY!

-Sarah S.

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