More Game Hints for Classic Arcade Games at PCHGames!

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We’re back to continue our look at all the Classic Arcade Games available every day for free at PCHGames. Part 1 of our feature on Arcade Game Tips is available here, if you’re looking to catch up. Other than that, I’m going to get right into it and start giving you guys even more game hints!

1.)    Momma’s Diner

  • When you are down to your final few seconds and the clock is in the red, only help out your current guests. You wouldn’t be able to seat and serve a new guest, but you may be able to pick up that last check!
  • Seat each group at appropriately sized tables. You don’t want to turn down a party of 4 because you sat one person at a large table. Give them a seat at the counter instead!
  • You can give momma a series of commands that she will follow in order. She can deliver 2 finished dishes at a time and clear multiple tables – but look out! She can’t pick up clean and dirty dishes at the same time! Yuck!
  • If you are feeling overwhelmed on your first play through, try spending your money on more seating before you spend any money on the food upgrades. This will help you become familiar with how long each type of food takes to make, and allows you to cater to larger, higher paying groups.

2.)    Monkey Gems

  • When you get stuck, sometimes the best plan is to throw away the gem you are holding. This will allow you to work with your next gem.
  • Go ahead and throw a gem at that fruit to score extra points! Even if there is a snake behind it, the fruit will make the gem disappear.

Monkey Gems at PCHGames

  • Try to play all the way through the game several times. You’ll continue to unlock more levels as you go!

3.)    PCHmoneybaggz

  • To the right of the play area — located to the right of the Prize Patrol Van(!) — are 3 bombs. When you click one, it will be the next thing you launch. Use these to quickly clear your way to the top.

PCHmoneybaggz at PCHgames

  • Practice your bank shots. You are able to bounce your moneybags off of the walls, and get them to places you couldn’t reach with a straight shot. It could make the difference between clearing a level and being overwhelmed with a new row.
  • Longer chains of moneybags are worth more points – but that also includes any mismatched colors you are able to knock off as well!

4.) Gluey 2

5.)    Pegland

  • Watch the ball catcher before you send your ball out. It’s more important to guess where the ball could be caught than to rush your shot.

Pegland at PCHGames

  • Keep as many balls you can – they give you a big score bump at the end of the level. You can earn extra balls by scoring enough points with one shot, or by utilizing the ball catcher.
  • Try playing this one multiple times. The levels are presented in random order, and you may get a completely different experience from one session to the next!

Wanna see all these games in action?  Check out my video below!


That’s all for today, folks! Hopefully with a little luck and timing, these game hints will help you earn more tokens in no time! Be sure to check back at the Play&Win blog soon because we’ll be posting our final blog with even more game hints for classic arcade games!

Good luck and happy gaming!

-Greg L

P.S. Have you developed your own play style that you’d love to share with us or other PCHGames players? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Nancy M Wessel says:

    How do I play Arcade games, when the balls do not roll smoothly down the path?

  2. Nancy M Wessel says:

    How do I get to smoothly play any arcade games when the swipe is always “herky-jerky”.???

  3. Cynthia Pailing says:

    My tablet let’s me do their older arcade games with a barn type entry, a simple majohng,but it doesn’t work well with new games and keeps blinking so I can’t play it but have in past linked through Facebook and could then play. May I continue to play the old arcade game? PS yes I want to win big and am entering claiming all entry’s made this day so far.

  4. dr. j.b. ketttleson says:

    very educational –more is learned here than school.

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    I really like playing PCH black jack starch off ,arcade the fruity cards look good enough to eat and so many more

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  8. eyvonne kerns says:

    Thank you Greg,you are doing a great job. I have to play more of The Arcade Games I don’t play that many because, like the ones you talk about I don’t how but I’m going to learn.Thank’s again,and you have a bless day.

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