Sizzlin’ Hot For Summer! New FREE Lotto Cards From PCHlotto!

I don’t know about you but summer is my favorite time of the year! The warm toasty sun, the bright blue skies and of course lazy beach days and vacations! So who wouldn’t love starting their summer off with some extra cash in their pockets?

Take a trip to PCHlotto and play some thrilling FREE lotto-style cards for a chance to win big this summer! Play each card at and YOU could be on your way to making your summer that much greener! Check out these exciting new free lotto cards already up at PCHlotto!

Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot

 Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot at PCHlotto

The more you play, the more you can win! The classic rolling jackpot game has gotten a makeover for summer with a fun beach theme! With the warmer weather coming who doesn’t want to relax on a beautiful sunny beach? This is your chance! Remember to keep an eye on the “Jackpot Counter!” Remember, the jackpot gets bigger each time someone plays so what are you waiting for? Head over to PCHlotto and get the jackpot growing up to an exciting $3 million dollars!  Imagine the fun-filled summer vacation you could take with all that extra cash!

$700.00 Hats-Off Event

Hats Off Event at PCHlotto

School’s out for summer! Whether it’s a nice long break or graduation closing a chapter in your life, summertime marks the end of school and the start of weeks of fun in the sun! Why not head to PCHlotto and try your luck at the $700.00 Hats-Off Event scratch card for a chance to reward yourself, and graduate to bigger and better cash prizes?  What a fabulous graduation present that would be!

$5,000.00 Garden “Green”

Garden Green at PCHlotto

It’s gardening season! Planting delicious veggies and beautiful plants are so rewarding! Give your “green thumb” a helping hand by playing for your chance to win some extra green by playing $5,000.00 Garden “Green”! Imagine the endless possibilities of your garden with all that extra cash! Now if only someone could figure out how to grow an actual money garden!

$10,000 Cash Escape

Cash Escape at PCHlotto

Here is one way to beat the heat this summer! Play $10,000 Cash Escape for a chance to wind some extra funding for that island getaway you have been dreaming of. Imagine you could win some extra funding to put towards your own “escape.”

$100.00 Cash Frenzy

Cash Frenzy at PCHlotto

It’s not the summer heat that has us going crazy! A winner is guaranteed every single day — that’s why $100.00 Cash Frenzy has us going cash crazy!

Sizzling 7’s

Sizzling 7s at PCHlotto

The temperatures outside are rising fast! Why not get a sizzlin’ hot start your summer with some extra cash in your wallet? Play Sizzling 7’s, and you could be on your way to some hot summer fun! It’s so simple! Scratch off the flames to reveal prize amounts. Match three and YOU WIN!

Remember PCH fans, all your fun and exciting summer plans can be made a little easier with some extra cash. So head over to PCHlotto now and play all the FREE lotto cards for YOUR chance to win.

Victoria C.

PCH Creative

8 thoughts on “Sizzlin’ Hot For Summer! New FREE Lotto Cards From PCHlotto!”

  1. Jesus Macias says:

    I would love to become owner of A SUPERPRIZE winning NUMBER PLEASE

  2. Miss. GG says:

    Pch please secure my entry to win $5,000.000 wallet warmer.. Yes yes pch I want to win badly secure my entry now if possible

  3. sean brown says:

    love the new cards thanks

  4. Nettie Jenkins says:

    The colors are really like Summer! Thanks for all the chances to Enter Enter Enter! (Smiles)

    Nettie Jenkins
    PCH Super Fan #1

  5. Ann Shepherd says:


  6. eyvonne kerns says:

    I played The PCHLOTTO for today.I like playing,I will love to win one day to make my summer easier.Thank you Victoria,you all are great at The PCH,have a bless day.

  7. Kanika Loeung says:

    I wish to win Megar Prize in this summer so I’d have too many plans.

  8. Chantel LUVMYKIDS says:

    I love these scratch off’s I play them everyday. The only time I don’t get to play are the days I take my daughter to therapy. She was 4 when she was a victim of a crime and I have been with her ever since so money has been super tight and trying to move forward has been extremely hard now they say because of it she has PTSD she is now 6 and I am dedicated to play in order to win bigger bucks millions… any kind of millions is good to me…. I could make all her dreams come true and help all the other children in the world who have been victims of abuse and help spread awareness to prevent these things from happening!!!! Not to mention taking a very long vacation is long over due and sooo very much needed. I love PCH and what they do but everyone is to remember we as humans are not the only living beings on this earth and we have to protect, nurture and feed all the pets in the world as well whether they have been mistreated or have no home!! Healing the nation is healing the world and not just the humans in it…. although I have no pets of my own and probably wont have more than fish until I either win some mullah or my children are of age but none the less my son loves animals and that is a beautiful thing. Children are so resilient and so are out furry friends as well….

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