The Diamond Exchange At PCHSlots Gets A Makeover You Don’t Want To Miss!

Lucky Diamonds Casino at PCHSlots

Hey Gamers!

Do I have some exciting news for you! Here at PCH we’re all about constantly improving YOUR gaming experience. In an effort to enhance everyone’s favorite FREE online slots website, PCHSlots, I am pleased to introduce to you LUCKY DIAMONDS CASINO!

Lucky Diamonds Casino is everything you loved about the original Diamond Exchange plus SO much more! This new and improved game incorporates all your favorite Diamond Exchange prizes, while also adding BRAND NEW instant win opportunities and sweepstakes opportunities! With all this slot machine bliss wrapped up in an exciting new game, this is DEFINITELY a makeover gone right.

PCHSlots Lucky Diamonds Casino

Let me tell you guys a little bit more about what to expect from this exciting new installment to the PCHslots family! Even though Lucky Diamonds Casino is what I’m really here to tell you about, we can’t forget about the other AMAZING games that are included in your journey to diamond nirvana! The exciting games in your path include the slot machine games AZTEC WILDS, POSEIDON’S PALACE, HEAVEN’S SEVENS, and last but certainly not least CASINO NIGHTS! After you’ve completed these, you will automatically be taken to the amazing LUCKY DIAMONDS CASINO.

Just like before, along the way while you’re playing your slots games, you can earn diamonds to use at the Lucky Diamonds Casino. With each diamond that you earn, you gain more chances to win some really cool prizes plus chances to enter for some fantastic sweepstakes worth anywhere from $500-$5,000 A WEEK FOR LIFE!

We wouldn’t introduce you to a new game unless we knew you guys would love it! Some more awesome features of Lucky Diamonds Casino are that the new design truly transports you to a Vegas-like experience that feels as if you’re right there at the casino! While playing Lucky Diamonds Casino, you will also be given the chance to play other pop-up games like exciting slot machines and mesmerizing prize wheels that will be sure to have you going back time and time again for loads of gaming fun! It’s super easy to play these games once you’re in the game path. All you need to do is spin the wheel by pressing “SPIN” and the game will tell you if you landed on a space that allows you to participate in yet another AWESOME chance to win great prizes. Remember, reaching these extra games is only possible after you spin the Lucky Diamonds Casino wheel and land on certain special spots on the game board!

PCHSlots Lucky Diamonds

PCHSlots Roulette Riches

PCHSlots Roulette Riches 2

Change is not always a good thing, but in this case, it’s an absolute GREAT thing. Lucky Diamonds Casino is a game that will without a doubt grab your attention while you’re on your way to winning BIG! To try this freshly made over game staple for yourself, log on to PCHSlots and start collecting your diamonds today!

Happy Gaming!

Christa P.

Creative Intern

P.S. Comment below to tell us how you like Lucky Diamonds Casino!

55 thoughts on “The Diamond Exchange At PCHSlots Gets A Makeover You Don’t Want To Miss!”

  1. Rachel says:

    Bring back the Lucky Diamonds Casino/Diamond Exchange game at PCH.

  2. Kristi Lynne Burkhalter says:

    I love playing pchslots wished i could win big one day

  3. Can you make a uneuiqe slott game?

  4. Anthony Terlizzi says:

    I WANT MY FREAKIN’ BINGO BACK! Whose idea was this?

    1. Maureen Lindsay says:

      Bingo and Casino Nights…….Blackjack still works but is sooo slow now that the Slot game is 1st……anyway just my take on it….Happy New Year…..Maureen

  5. Chelsea Doe says:

    Like everyone else here, I cannot access the Lucky Diamonds Casino. Nor can I access Bingo or the old slots which earned you diamonds for the casino. Did you remove those? You can only access the new slots which are very, very slow.

  6. Maryann Sickler says:

    I cannot get to Lucky Diamond Casino.It just takes me to the slots tournament.

  7. Tal Barzilai says:

    When I tried to get to this, it keeps on taking me to the slots tournament instead for some reason. Are those in charge still trying to reconfigure it or is it something else? I would like to know why this is the case.

    1. darin says:

      that’s what is happening to me. I don’t want the slots tournament, I want to play the lucky diamonds casino slots to win diamonds to play the lucky diamonds casino. I sho do hope that they haven’t decided to get rid of it, it’s the best thing on publisher’s clearinghouse. I don’t like the slots tournament at all, just want the lucky diamonds casino back, please. looks like the government or greyhound have taken over things at publisher’s clearinghouse!

  8. Mister Harmony says:

    can not log on to lucky diamond casino slot play

  9. Brenda Nelson says:

    I like The Game’s!

  10. Cynthia Gracia says:

    How do I got to that casino is it an website or app

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