Lisa Parsons, Lesley S. & Rose Winley Make PCHlotto Magic!

Do you love FREE Lotto cards?  Do you love Winning Cash?

Well, here at PCHlotto — the premiere destination for free online Lotto fun — Lisa M. Parsons the Director of PCH Play & Win, Lesley S. Winmore the PCHlotto Product Manager & Rose Winley of the PCHlotto Prize Suite are working hard to bring all the magic and excitement of winning opportunities to YOU! Take a look…

Meet Lisa M. Parsons:

Lisa M Parsons

As Director of PCH Play&Win, she’s the source of all things related to PCHgames, PCHlotto, PCHslots and even PCHbingo!  Lisa handles all this – and makes it look easy – with daily projects ranging from coordinating the emails that are sent your way, managing the game cards you play and thinking of new ways to bring you amazing prizes every single day!

Meet Lesley S.:

She’s a PCHlotto superstar!  And with her introduction of the Bigger Bucks Millions rolling jackpot card where you can win up to $3,000,000.00, she knows the kind of prizes you want are BIG prizes!  Lesley always likes to keep things interesting with fun promotions like Felix the Cat and Archie and her biggest thrill is making sure that you get a new and different PCHlotto experience every single month of the year!

Take a look at this month’s Bigger Bucks Millions card — Lesley helped make that happen:.

Bigger Bucks at PCHlotto

Meet Rose Winley:

Rose is a woman you want to know when it comes to PCHlotto!  She pulls together all the great prize opportunities you get in your emails without batting an eye!  Did you receive a $5,000 A Week “Forever” prize email from PCHlotto this week?  Rose said to make that happen!  Get a Special Winning Wednesday opportunity?  Rose Winley’s the one who approved that prize amount.  Did extra chances to win come your way today?  Can you guess who gave that the ‘okay’…?  Yep, you guessed it, that was Rose Winley, too!

Rose Winley

It’s a PCH legend that every time you press the button in your email to accept an opportunity for one of our PCHlotto Prizes, it gives Rose Winley a smile … and the legend must be true, because Rose is always smiling.  She’s happy to bring big money prizes to your inbox … and when you press the “Act Now” or “Play Now” button, she knows that you are happy to get them, too!

Well, now that you know a little bit about who’s behind the PCHlotto emails you receive and games you love to play, please tell us what you think. Have you received an email from Rose Winley, Lisa M. Parsons or Lesley S. Winmore this week?  Do you have a favorite PCHlotto card this month?  We’d love to hear all about it, and in the meantime …

Happy Gaming!

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

7 thoughts on “Lisa Parsons, Lesley S. & Rose Winley Make PCHlotto Magic!”

  1. Carla M Antee says:

    Congratulations lisa

  2. Gloria Lombardo says:

    Lisa Parsons, Played PCH lotto the other day, said I won a prize. Got to pick from three (ipad, $ gift card or iphone. I chose the $150. visa gift card. It then directed me to fill in my name and addresss, which I did. Then a message popped up about internet exployer. So I put in my name and address again and the same message came up. It was on your site to play PCH LOTTO. Why did it tell me I won, but wouldn’t accept my name and address that they needed. So not fair

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hi Gloria,
      We’re sorry for the issues you’re encountering. Please reach out to our Customer Service team for help with this. They can fully investigate and confirm if you are a winner. Our Customer Service Reps are available to assist you Monday through Friday, 8:30am – 8:30pm Eastern Time. Please call our toll free number at (800) 459-4724.

  3. Ronnie Curry says:

    I play the lotto cards every day! I’ve won over. 95,000 points but I cannot redeem them for prizes. Didn’t know that I had to have desktop computer to redeem my points. So I’m àsking for an solution to my problem on cashing in on my points?

  4. Ann Shepherd says:


  5. eyvonne kerns says:

    Hi,Lisa,Lesley and Rose, you guys are awesome I’m lose at words because all of you are so good with the work you all do.I love The PCH games and The PCHlotto,Ilove everything about ThePCH.Sometime I can not play all of ThePCHlotto I get to the last card and it don’t show up it go to the scratch offand I can not go back to my last card,can you all help me with that.All of you do great jobs and I love getting all of your E-Mail in my box Thank you all for your time and Thank you for your time too Laurel I love all of you guys at The PCH. I pray GOD keep blessing you all.Thank you

  6. Kanika Loeung says:

    I love PCHlotto cards all equal, especially are free for us to play.
    I wish PCHlotto would change my life in this summer. 🙂

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