PCHlotto is FREE to Play, Florida Lottery Costs Money!

Who loves money?

We all love money!

Then why would you ever want to spend money to win money?

That’s what you have to do if you want to win a prize in the Florida Lottery … or other state lotteries, for that matter.

But we know how you can keep your dreams of winning alive while keeping your hard-earned cash in your pocket: PCHlotto! It’s absolutely FREE to play … and winners are guaranteed daily!

Win The Jackpot at PCHlotto

PCHlotto is FREE no matter how many times you play! On the contrary, the FLORIDA LOTTO™ with XTRA offers players the opportunity to multiply their non-jackpot cash winnings by two, three, four or five times for $1.00 more per play.

And here’s another good reason to play PCHlotto – you never need to leave the comfort of your home. You can sit in your comfy chair at your computer – or even use your laptop, tablet or smartphone – any time of day or night! On the other hand, the Florida Lottery does not offer the sale of Lottery tickets via the Internet. Tickets must be purchased from an authorized Florida Lottery retailer. That means traipsing out into the Florida heat, which can be unbearable this time of year. Plus, a drive to the lottery retailer means wasting gas – not a very “green” way to earn some green!

Now that we’ve made it clear that you don’t need to waste money … time … or fuel to play PCHlotto, let me tell you all about the fun and easy ways to win BIG:

“Pick Quick” games include Fast Cash and a Progressive Jackpot up to $500.00 – and with nightly drawings, you could win while you sleep!

Live Lotto Events! Winners are guaranteed, so pick your numbers every day, then come back on drawing day for your chance to WIN LIVE!

• BONUS Scratch-Off Cards! Play through and unlock a FREE Instant-Win scratch card for a shot at a cool cash windfall!

Plus your first play of the day scores you an entry into a MILLIONAIRE-MAKING Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize sweepstakes — an opportunity you’ll never get with the Florida Lottery or other state lotteries!

So, what are you waiting for? Play PCHlotto now! It’s fun … it’s FREE … and it’s for you!

Good luck!

Debbie K.

PCH Creative

P.S. Forbes Magazine (5/22/06) reported that in states that have a lottery the average person spends about $150 a year on tickets. And in the states with video lotteries, the average Joe annually shells out more than $500. Since many people don’t buy lottery tickets, this means that the folks who do are spending real money – indeed, more than $45 billion in total!

Hold on to your cash … and hold on to your dreams! Play PCHlotto today!

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    Love to play



  3. Natasha Davis says:

    I am continuing to play everyday=) gl all****=)

  4. Lori DeDominic says:

    The Mermaids Jewel Box
    My name for a game

  5. frank iemmol says:

    add your comment hereI want to become a millionaire to help the poor sick hungry and the needy.

  6. This seems to be too good to be true. I was wondering if this is free then how come there is international credit cards. I would love to join if they would allow international members and if they pay their members through paypal. If not, then I hope they will be able to consider my suggestions.

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hi Belinda, you do not need to pay a fee or buy something to play PCHlotto or any other PCH game or sweepstake. It’s free! The pages you see when you enter a PCH sweepstakes are just suggesting things that you might be interested in. You can still enter after you’ve skipped all of these pages. If you don’t want to make a purchase, click the “next” option on the bottom of the screen until it brings you to the entry page.

      – Jussie W. at PCH

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