PCHlotto & Archie Comics — Make a Million Get Even BIGGER!

Forget Betty & Veronica — this Summer romance is sure to turn heads as PCHlotto falls in love with Archie Comics again … as if for the very first time.  And, as a matter of fact, he has illustrated such personality and charm, that he’s being featured on the Bigger Bucks Millions card  — the card that lets you make a million dollar prize even bigger every time you play – starting tomorrow!

What do I mean by “lets you make a million dollar prize even bigger”?  In case you haven’t heard, the Bigger Bucks Millions jackpot grows and grows with each and every game play for a jackpot that rises up to $3,000,000.00!  So go play your numbers with Archie and if they hit, you could win a FORTUNE!

But before you go, let me be the first to show you just how dapper Archie looks under the PCHlotto Bigger Bucks Millions Sign:


They’re a match that could make a Million (or more) of your dreams come true!  So keep playing to get that jackpot up to $3,000,000.00 this week because just like the ending of any Summer romance, Archie has to get back to Riverdale — and Betty & Veronica — so he’ll only be here until June 30th.

And even though our love of Archie Comics will be in our hearts forever, that doesn’t mean we don’t still love BIG prizes.  That’s why we introduced the BRAND NEW $25,000.00 giveaway on PCHlotto last week.  Did you see the new Picnic Payout card?  If not, here’s a peek — check out the Prize Patrol picnicking with all that cash!

PW_6_24_PCHlotto Picnic Payout Free Lotto Card

That’s one delicious prize, don’t ya think?

So what are you waiting for?  Start your summer off right with BIG PCHlotto action.  Both of these cards are only available until June 30th so make sure you play your favorite numbers every day and let me know — do you think Archie Comics and Bigger Bucks Millions make a “million dollar pair” or does seeing the Prize Patrol Picnic make you want to ask them to share?  I can’t wait to hear which card you like the most, but until then …

You Have All My Best Wishes for PCHlotto Riches!

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

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    I want win ..u should I will if win Give some charity..

  2. Won The 1.25 Million PCH Lotto Jackpot Check

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    Roll with and Bigger Bucks Millions Winner Today

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