Free Mahjongg Can Make For Some Real Deal Competition at PCH!

Real Deal Competition

Are you a competitive person? Do you love winning and hate losing? We have a lot of winners in our tournaments at PCHgames (especially Free Mahjongg!), and they deserve all the tokens they rightfully earn! It’s always good to see the good sportsmanship in the comments on our blogs or Facebook. Our fans are the best and are always congratulating each other on their wins. Who doesn’t like seeing other people win? Well, most people do, except my friends Val and Joel. They believe in real deal competition!

A few weeks ago I posted a how to play Mahjongg video blog. I casually included my high score (a modest 6,482 points).  Well a bunch of you in the comments were posting what your scores were, and I was really glad that you all were doing so well! But no one was happier for you guys than Val and Joel. Both guys started poking fun at me, saying that my score wasn’t very good and that everyone else was better than me!

Free Mahjongg

Now, let me tell you that I’m a pretty disciplined game player. I never cheat, and I always practice a game to be the best player I can be. But with the PCHgames, I’m always nervous to start playing them here at work because then I’ll never get any of my assignments done. But I’m sure if I was able to put more work into it, I could get my score higher.

Then I started thinking, who are Val and Joel to talk smack about me? Why can’t I just get THEM to play the game and post THEIR high scores online? So that’s what I decided to do. Why, we even made a video of what happened!


Okay, okay. So that video was pretty silly. Maybe I got carried away with my reaction. At least Amanda was able to join the fun!

I hope YOU join the fun too and play free Mahjongg at PCHgames today!

Matt K.

PS – Do you get competitive when you play games with your family or friends? Let us know in the comments below!

10 thoughts on “Free Mahjongg Can Make For Some Real Deal Competition at PCH!”

  1. Ma Hemanes says:

    New to blogging. How can I build certain refusal one obtains my background descriptions and text?

  2. zuber ragow says:


  3. thersia woods says:

    Thank you god

  4. john berry says:

    I have called in each month to confirm my mailing address and to confirm that I wanted to be added to the mailing list. I didn’t get anything in the mail this month either. 2 months now of no chance to win due to lack of tools to play the game while having a chance to win again. So I entered my mothers entry code in place of my oun since I dont have the option too. My mother lives at the same address but she doesn’t enter the sweeps anymore on her account side of the comp. I play like nobody’s bussiness and would still like to see her name on the check over my name!!! I will win someday, I promise.!!! L.O.L.

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hi John, we’re so sorry you’ve had trouble adding your name to our mailing list! Please send us a message on our Ask Us page located here: that includes your name and address and a brief message stating that you wish to be added to our mailing list. Please allow 6-8 weeks for this to take effect.

      – Jussie W. at PCH

  5. Hey Matt, Great video blog, but that Mah Jongg score? Not so hot! Even I can beat 6,482. (I guess I am sort of competitive… maybe I should challenge Val or Joel to a match…) It’s a tough job to have to practice PCHgames for “research” purposes, right? Thanks for the fun blog!
    – Deborah @PCH

  6. Kanika Loeung says:

    I think PCH games might help you have less stress!

  7. eyvonne kerns says:

    Hi Matt, thank’s for sharing The Video I like that and it made me laugh for the first time today.I love playing The Games at The PCH,and I also like your job, you are very good at it and you have fun doing it.I been very unhappy because our family dog pass away and we all are sad these days,but you made me laugh looking at The video.Thank you so much and have a bless weekend Matt. Again thank you.

  8. Jamie Sharb says:

    Yes I do get very competitive when playing games with my husband and kids. We all get competitive and act silly while doing it. My husband Brian and I play the xbox 360 kinect together and we jump around and talk mad smack to each other lol. And our boys talk so much smack when they are winning they crack their selves up and us. I thought your video was cool and I think you should keep working on that score you do better than me already. I like playing that game on PCHGames too though and see why you were so competitive. I just read this blog or I would have joined in the fun with ya.

  9. Kanika Loeung says:

    I like your job! And also I always like to play this game that is so much fun to play with!

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