Game Hints, Tricks, and Tips: PCHMoneybaggz

Hi gamers!

Our next game tournament is just a week away and the practice rounds are upon us now! I thought I’d let you blog readers in on a few secrets and game hints to help you get that top score! What do you say? Let’s get to it and take a look at PCHMoneybaggz!

While playing, try to clear all of the bags from levels 1, 2, and 3. You will earn more points for eliminating them in groups (of three or more) than you will from quickly reaching the back wall. At level 4 and above, you earn more points per bag for clearing the board than you would in small groups, so work quickly from here on out!

Let’s take an in-depth look at a few key areas of the game and how to use them best to your advantage:


1.)    Preview Bag:

Keep an eye on this spot! Use your current shot to clear the way and make your “on deck” bag super useful.

2.)    Bounce Shot:

A carefully placed shot against the right or left wall will ricochet back across the play area. Aim as carefully as you can to make expert shots such as a Dangling Combo

3.)    Dangling Combo:

In the screenshot above, we can see a group of 3 green moneybaggz. If you were able to use a Bounce Shot to get your current bag to match with that group, you’d earn a HUGE bonus! When you make a shot like this one, you wind up clearing all of the bags below it, and boosting your score as well. So instead of just clearing the 3 green bags, we’d remove 11 in just one shot!

4.)    Bombs:

You get 3 per game, and they really come in handy when you can’t easily make a match of 3. To use the Bomb, simply click on it, and then click the area you want to blow away!

Sometimes the real key is to find your playing groove, so keep at it! Above all, be aware that the game will add additional rows if you add too many unmatched bags. Be sure to work from the bottom up in that case – staying in the game is the only way to build up that score.

There you have it, folks! Those are my top tricks and tips for getting a high score on PCHmoneybaggz! Try them out for yourself in the Practice Rounds now — then be sure to put them to the test on tournament day, Wednesday July 17th!

Good luck everyone!

Greg L.
Junior Game Designer

P.S. Did you find my game hints helpful? Would you like to see more of this at the Play&Win blog?

P.P.S. Remember: all our game tournaments award prizes to 2 lucky players, just for playing! So even if you’re not a top scorer, there’s still a way to win cash!

10 thoughts on “Game Hints, Tricks, and Tips: PCHMoneybaggz”

  1. I can never find the bombs.

    1. Kitzi Murphy says:

      The Moneybaggz bombs are the three gold rounds with $ signs to the right of the van, just under the score. It took me a while to figure that out as well. Click on one when the screen is filled, but you have no shot, and point in the area needing eliminating the most. Then just go from there. I try to save them until hearing the ticking countdown at the end of the game if possible.

  2. John Tedford says:

    I want to play money bags

  3. nancy c roark says:

    It easy. I have to go to Bristol ‘ but I will play it later…all try it. Its great…

  4. Rubakhalid says:

    I like this game so much this is preety easy and fun ♥

  5. I have problem lining them up, but that just me I think… can u give me some tips…

  6. Barbara says:


  7. david hawn says:

    Thanks for all the tips.

  8. I don’t understand the scoring. It is different than the place where the players are rated? Can you help me understand all the different numbers and the player ratings.

  9. Kanika Loeung says:

    I’d like to play this game. 🙂

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