Introducing Our New Solitaire Game: Round Table Solitaire!

PCHGames has a new solitaire game to add to its deck: Round Table Solitaire!

New Solitaire at PCHGames

Howdy Gamers!

Man do I have some cool news for you! If you’ve played PCHGames with us before, you might have noticed that we have a HUGE variety of games to choose from that are sure to please anyone and everyone’s interests! With so many choices, many of you might be wondering where to even begin your gaming journey. The choice is completely up to you, but I REALLY wanted you guys to know about a new game that is sure to rock your socks off!

Growing up, I always loved to play the classic card game Solitaire. Solitaire was a great way to pass the time especially while on those long family car rides! Now, thanks to PCH, all you solitaire lovers out there can experience this classic game in more ways than one! 8 different ways to be exact! That’s right gamers, PCHGames now offers 8 different types of solitaire just for you! While each solitaire version is more exciting than the next, the newest addition to the solitaire family may be the best one yet!

New Solitaire Game Round Table Solitaire

The newest member to our PCHGames solitaire family is Round Table Solitaire! How do you play? Allow me to explain! Unlike classic solitaire, which requires you to place your cards in rows, Round Table Solitaire requires gamers to place their cards in a clockwise circle position! The cards must go clockwise, also known as to the right, in ascending order from lowest card amount to highest. The cards in your clockwise circle must also alternate suits between red and black. The objective of this interesting game is to make your cards eventually look like a full circle, hence the name Round Table Solitaire!

If your cards are in one continuous circle, alternating color between red and black, and in ascending order, congrats! You’re on your way to winning the game!

Check out our new solitaire game, Round Table Solitaire, today! Play now and you could be on your way to winning some amazing cash and prizes! Don’t forget to comment below and let us know what you think of the new game!

Happy Gaming!

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    I like a lot of games, but I could really use a larger screen! Thanks

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