Behind the Scenes Interview With Danny From PCHgames!

Have you ever wondered what it was like to work with games all day long and get paid for it? Well wonder no longer! We have a behind the scenes interview with Danny, one of the managers at PCHgames!

Behind The Scenes With Danny

Hi Danny!  Thank you for taking the time to talk to me today about your experience working at PCHgames! I’m sure our readers are curious about the behind-the-scenes in your offices.

First question – are there tokens lying around EVERYWHERE? Just kidding! 😉

What do you do for PCHgames?

I’m the product manager which basically puts me at the center of all site operations.  I set up all the development, events, tournaments and games that happen on the site.  I work with a great bunch of programmers, game designers, artists and marketing folks who work really hard to bring you the excitement of PCH games.

Do you get to play games all day?

You’d think so, but I don’t get to play games all day.  I mean I DO play a lot of games, but that’s technically work – right?  I spend time playing our games, as well as games on other sites to see if you guys would enjoy them or to get ideas for new games to create.  Seriously though, this is just like any other job — my day is filled with meetings, reports and answering what seems like a million emails.

PCHgames Prize Delivery
Here’s Danny on a Prize Patrol Delivery a few years ago!

What game do you think is the most popular on the site?

Game popularity is something I’m always looking at.  It’s how I determine which games should have token events or tournaments.  It also gives me an idea as to what “type” of games you all enjoy.  This guides my decisions when we look for new games for the site.  I can tell you that for last month one of the most popular games was Tri-Peaks Solitaire.  You folks played that over 1.1 million times in June.

What is your personal favorite game?

Like you guys, I’m a big fan of Tri-Peaks and Kings in the Corner.  I think that Chickaboom and Momma’s Diner are also pretty awesome.  I know that most of you don’t share my opinion on those two…I see that in the game performance reports!

What is your favorite part of working at PCHgames?

I’d have to say my favorite part is that something is always changing.  There is always a new idea, game or challenge to work on.  I’ve been working for PCH for almost 12 years now, and running PCHgames is my 2nd career here, so I can honestly say that something is always changing.  We’re constantly looking for new ways to make the site more fun and create more winning opportunities.

Behind The Scenes At PCHgames

Tell us something about PCHgames you don’t think our blog readers already know.

I’m listening.  I read your blog and Facebook comments and take them seriously.   I meet with customer service regularly about your feedback on the site.   If something isn’t working, I try to correct it as soon as possible.  I pay special attention when you say things like “I wish Sunken Treasures was a full game”.

Have you ever played in a gaming tournament?

Nope, never.

Do you have any ideas for future PCHgames?

It’s been a busy year here at PCHgames.  We redesigned the site and merged tokens and sweepstakes opportunities between and PCHgames.  Plus, we released a pile of new games this year and we’re working on the full game version of Sunken Treasures:  Gems of Atlantis, so I’m currently focused on other parts of the site.  I have some ideas around creating more instant win chances, as well as working on a way to get your opinions on site changes before we put them out.

Thanks for your time, Danny!

We hope that you all enjoyed this chat with Danny. Please let us know if you would like to read and see more from other folks at PCHgames!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. – Danny has never played in a game tournament before, so what game do you think should be his first? Tell us in the comments below!

7 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes Interview With Danny From PCHgames!”

  1. “I like momma’s diner have to play more to get better, I laugh so hard my stomach hurt’s playing amazing sheriff, I love sunkin treasure’s and I’m fast, but it seems like it don’t score me right, sometimes I have no score at all, it used to jam up on me, that’s gotten better, I try a new game when I get brave enough, you all have a whole lot to choose from,and I really enjoy, because this is the first time out of all my life i’ved played games! (god bless!)

  2. Judy Kobus says:

    There are only 66 games. I would suggest you have a weekly 15 minute meeting of staff actually playing games 5 minutes on different equipment and browsers and submit a eval of each. There are over 1500 people who have cheated with Roarin 7s. Until 3 months ago, I had never played computer games, but I am a fast learner. It is not possible that anyone who claims to know games & has played this game can think it is not broken. compare win table to amount won and the amount added to balance. If you set it at 5 lines it is very easy to see the problems. You only get one spin: either lose and submit score or win and It just keeps adding the win amount to the balance. This use to use up so much ram space my computer kept crashing – you fixes by having add faster as I suggested rather than fix the problem.When I complained again You fixed by allowing submit to work at any time – not fixing problem. Next you made it a 10x game so cheaters got a bonus. If you remove a game that allows cheaters to benefit, they complain and you put it back. You stop the worst cheater, but leave their high scores!! You current process does not work. Roarin 7s is just one example of many that I found. It seems 98% of the first 3million profiles are dissatisfied or inactive. I have several suggestions where you should be aiming at 90% of the next 3 million to think well of PCH and playing the games for years while also buying more merchandise.

  3. eyvonne kerns says:

    Forgot to say I love to hear from others Behind The Scenes.Thank you all and have a bless week.

  4. eyvonne kerns says:

    Hi Matt that was a very sweet letter about Danny.I do not know what to say about Danny,you know when you meet someone whose is very wise you are lose for words and the only words I could find for Danny is great, aweson, because he do his job so,so well,I love it.I think Danny should be in the Tri-Peaks Tournament.Thank you Danny for everthing you do at The PCH I love everything you do and Thank you Matt for sharing all of that with us.You all have a bless Wednesday and all week.

  5. Keeper of the Birds says:

    the new game show quiz! i played yesterday and had so much fun. nice mix of trivia and reels! whomever developed that one, did a great job!

  6. stephanie wurtz says:

    Can we get a keno game please? I’ve always enjoyed keno, but have to go to another site to play.

  7. Kanika Loeung says:

    My favorite games are: Group of Mahjongg and Monkey Gems.
    When will those games award?

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