What’s Your Favorite Instant Win Game At PCHGames?


Hi Gamers!

I’m the type of person that doesn’t like to wait for anything. I’m so impatient, I’m constantly burning my mouth on hot food just because I don’t feel like waiting for it to cool! In my opinion, life is way too short to wait for things to happen. For all the people who also hate waiting for things, I have some exciting news for you! Did you know that PCHGames has a whole entire section of INSTANT WIN GAMES? That’s right! INSTANT, which means no more waiting! (Wooh!) Not only will you find out if you won right away, but you get to play super fun games at the same time!

At PCHGames, there are 6 different Instant Win Games for gamers to choose from! For every game on the list, you have a chance to win instant money — up to $500! Gamers, don’t worry about how you’ll find out if you win or not; if you’re a winner, you’ll know! Trust me! Your whole screen will be filled with a message giving you directions on what to do next!

If you’ve never played PCHGames Instant Win Games before, let me tell you what all the commotion is about!

Universal Crossword: This is just like the crossword you would find in your daily newspaper, except if the letters appear red, that means it’s not the right word! You could say that this version of crossword is easier because you can tell right away if you are on the right track or not, but it is still a challenge! AND, you have a chance at winning $250 INSTANTLY!


Daily Jigsaw Deluxe: Daily Jigsaw Deluxe is a fresh spin on your average puzzle. When you begin the game, you will see a solid color surface with puzzle pieces spread out on top. To move a puzzle piece, simply use your mouse to right click your piece of choice and drag it to where you think it fits. If the piece indeed fits in the spot you had in mind, they will snap together! AND, you have a chance at winning $500 INSTANTLY!


Daily Jumble: Daily Jumble is exactly what it sounds like, a jumble of words that needs to be sorted and it’s up to YOU to figure out how to put them in the right order to spell an actual word! You have 5 minutes on the clock to un-jumble 5 different words that are completely mixed up! AND, you could win $250 INSTANTLY!


Prize Patrol Party: Prize Patrol Party truly looks like a party when you play it! A refreshing twist on a slot game, it features all of the things the Prize Patrol is known for, including balloons and champagne! The amount of points you get out of your spins determines your score. AND, you could win $100 INSTANTLY!


Up And Down Words: Up And Down Words is another twist on a crossword puzzle, but in this game, all you have to do is put the word that answers the clue. There are two columns to this game. If you look at the clue to solve the first column, the second part of the answer to the first column is the first part of the second column. This sounds confusing but I know you guys can do it! Plus, you’ll be playing for a chance to win $250 INSTANTLY!


Sudoku: The main objective of Sudoku is to complete the grid so every row, column, and box contains every digit from 1-9! The numbers can’t be repeated and will only be used once in any section. Play this Instant Win Game for your daily chance at $250!


So Gamers, I have a very important question to ask you. Out of the 6 Instant Win Games, which one happens to be YOUR absolute favorite and why? I happen to like them all but my co-workers have favorites!

My fellow intern Genevieve told me that she likes Daily Jigsaw Deluxe the most because she loves doing actual real life puzzles with her mom all the time! I think that is so sweet! Amanda C. likes Prize Patrol Party the best because she loves everything Prize Patrol related!

I really want you guys to tell me what your favorites are, so get a move on it and log on to PCHGames NOW. Who knows, you could end up becoming one of our next INSTANT WIN GAME WINNERS!

Christa P.
Creative Intern

14 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Instant Win Game At PCHGames?”

  1. i like the ultra 8 ball pool

  2. Ralph Miller says:

    My favorite would be any of them that actually has a cash reward instead of the worthless tokens.

  3. Janet says:

    I think I enjoy playing bingo most of all

  4. Michelle Eaton says:

    What am I doing wrong

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