$448.4 Million Powerball Jackpot Winners!

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Did you know that the newest Powerball Jackpot went up to a whopping $448.4 Million this past Wednesday? Well it did! That sure is a lot of money! In the end, there were 3 VERY lucky winners that will be splitting this mountain of cash. As of right now, only one winner has come forward out of the 3, Paul White of Ham Lake, Minnesota. Despite not knowing the identities of the other two winners, we DO know that they are said to be from the state of New Jersey. It is believed that one of the winners from New Jersey is actually a group of 16 workers at the Ocean County Vehicle Maintenance Department. I always love when the winner is a group of people who can celebrate together!

Paul White, the only winner to step forward at this time, says that he will spend his portion of the money, which comes out to a cool $58.3 Million, on funding his children’s college tuition, donating to some good causes, as well as purchasing a few cars that he’s had his eye on for years! Enjoy that money Paul!

All of this Lotto talk has got me wanting to try my own luck at winning some money! Unlike Paul White and the other Powerball Lotto winners, I had a different type of Lotto in mind…PCHLotto of course! You might be wondering why you should play PCHLotto over the regular state lottery. Well that’s simple! It’s absolutely FREE! That’s right, you heard that correctly! You don’t need to pay a penny to test your shot at becoming a millionaire!

At PCHLotto, at absolutely no cost to you, you can play the PCHLotto Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot and win up to $3 Million! This is a jackpot that increases every time you play — up to $3 Million — and at this very moment the jackpot is $1,486,512.51! Isn’t that so exciting that that much money is up for grabs?

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So if you want to end up like the $448.4 Million Powerball Jackpot winners and win a huge amount of money —but don’t want to spend the cash — log on to PCHLotto now (link here)!

Good luck everyone!

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    I am not happy because all of those changes did not allow me to enter them.

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    Win The PCH Lotto Bigger Bucks Millions

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