Find Out The Favorite Online Games at PCHGames!

Hey Gamers!

At PCHGames we always want you to have a great time! With so many super fun games to choose from, PCHGames is sure to have something to fit everyone’s interests. But recently I started wondering…what games do you fans like the most? Which are your FAVORITE online games at PCHGames?

After doing some digging with our PCHGames Product Manager Danny, we were able to find out the Top 5 games you guys played the most last month! Can you take a guess as to which game came in at number ONE and ranked MOST popular from last month?

If you guessed Mahjongg Dimensions, you’re correct! In the month of June, Mahjongg Dimensions was PCHGames’ most popular game! Congrats Mahjongg! You gamers must really like matching your tiles! To check out what everyone loves so much about Mahjongg Dimensions, play it for yourself right now!


Coming in as the SECOND favorite online game for the month of June is Tri-Peaks Solitaire! This exciting twist on the classic tabletop solitaire will leave you feeling nostalgic while at the same time giving you a new objective to eliminate cards from all three peaks! To learn more about this super cool game, make sure you visit PCHGames right this second and see what makes Tri Peaks Solitaire so awesome!


Have you ever tried your luck at Kings In The Corner? Well apparently a lot of you have because it came in at THIRD on most popular games list for the month of June! This game makes anyone who plays it feel as if they are right in the casino! To check out what all the fuss is about, check out Kings In The Corner right away!


Coming in FOURTH place is another game with a fresh new twist on the classic tabletop solitaire, Klondike Solitaire Gold! In this super cool game, players drag and drop cards to create stacks in descending order from King to 2 using alternating colors. If you want to win the game, you must remove all the cards from your playing piles and stick the same suits in ascending order from 2 to King on the four piles of Aces. This sounds like a lot of work, but I know you gamers are up for it! Play Klondike Gold Solitaire for yourself NOW!


Finally, coming in at FIFTH place is everyone’s favorite PCHGames carnival themed skee-ball game, Carniball! With its upbeat carnival-like music playing in the background, Carniball is sure to make you feel just like you’re at a carnival extravaganza! This classic arcade game has never been more intriguing, giving you multiple attempts at landing your ball in one of the holes that will bring you oodles of points! If you want to have fun playing a game that’s been around for ages, Carniball is your game!


For some inside scoop on why these games are so popular, we asked Danny. According to Danny, these games are fan favorites because they are challenging, but not too challenging to the point you’re not having fun anymore!

So blog readers, what do YOU think? Are these the games you play the most, too? Are they your favorite online games? Or are some of our other games more popular with you? We want to hear from you — comment below and let us know!

Happy Gaming!

Christa P.
Creative Intern

3 thoughts on “Find Out The Favorite Online Games at PCHGames!”

  1. You in fact compose it appear really laid-back with your presentation however I in judgment this topic to live in fact impressive that I have faith in I might never be aware of. It classify of feels excessively intricate and very massive in support of me. I’m looking in advance representing your next agree to, I will try to get the hang of it!

  2. Judy Kobus says:

    You guys are so silly. If this is the end of august, like your post shows, then last month was July not June. Also, is favorite done by number of plays or number of players? 5 players can play a game 5000 times in a month or 5000 players can play it 5 times. Either way the number of plays is the same, but the latter is a better judge. Also, my list that I posted on FB fanpage was for games with the most tokens in the last week of June.

  3. eyvonne kerns says:

    I like all the games I play at The Thank you Christa and have a bless will be hard for me to pick one,two or three of The Games at ThePCH.Again Christa thank you.

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