Why Do People Play Lotto? — PCHlotto Wants to Know!

I’ve always wondered, why do people play lotto ? Please comment below and share your reasons!


Hello Out There Gamers!

You’ve seen me on the blog sharing my experiences with PCHlotto – like back in April when I told you all about The Secret Behind PCHlotto Scratch Cards and earlier this month when I showed you the importance of answering PCHlotto emails.  I feel like it’s always about me, me, me!  And, since my mama taught me that friendship isn’t one sided…

I want to hear from YOU!

If you haven’t played at PCHlotto yet, please tell me why.  If you have, please tell me what you’d like to see. It’s open forum folks, go crazy!  Tell me anything!  I’m a great listener.  And to get you started, I’ve put together a list of questions for you to think about:

1)  Do you play PCHlotto through your email or go directly to PCHlotto.com?

2)  Do you play every day or once in awhile?

3)  When do you like to play?  While sipping your morning coffee?  At lunchtime?  Or after your dinner dishes are put away?

4)  Are there some prizes or cards you think you’re more likely to win than others?

5)  Do you know what the Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot is?

6)  What gets you more excited, the prizes on the PCHlotto cards or the SuperPrize entries we offer?

7)  Is there a specific reason you play … like to win money to pay off debt?  Dreams of going on vacation?  Wanting to spoil your loved ones?  Desire to own a home?  Or do you just play because it’s fun and you’d like a few extra dollars in your pocket?


Now, please don’t feel confined by these questions.  Like I said, you can tell me anything at all about PCHlotto!  We’d love to use some of your answers in future Play&Win blogs and reach out to you for your very own blog interview! Wouldn’t that be cool?

I look forward to seeing your answers in the comments section below, and since we’re friends, I’ll even share my own answers, too.  Like my answer to #3 … I’m off to play today’s PCHlotto cards right now because I like to play in the morning!  I’ll come back with my other answers later, but for now …

Happy Gaming!

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

50 thoughts on “Why Do People Play Lotto? — PCHlotto Wants to Know!”

  1. Patsy says:

    I can’t play the new lotto–Lotto 2. Program stops after a game or 2 and I cannot go any further.

  2. Donna Bolduc says:

    Why do it ask me for my password and then it says I need to be registered when I have been able playing forever?

  3. Denise Woolbright says:

    I’ve play all the PCH games an sweep stakes for years an all I do I get depressed cause I’ve never won anything after 8 years

  4. lois filip says:

    I play lotto because it is a chance to win DREAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Becke Rusie says:

    It’s just exciting to be able to win so I hope I am the winter so I can make all my dreams come true thank you so much PCH God bless you

  6. I’m claiming gwy 4900 & 5035 & 4749 from a special early look December 30th

    1. I just love to be a winner

  7. Entry prize number for gwy. 4900-1400 12/30/15

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