Toss Around Some Monkey Gems and Win Tokens too!

Monkey Gems Practice Rounds at PCHGames start TODAY!

monkey gems

Hey PCHGamers!  I thought I would show off one of my new addictions at PCHGames – Monkey Gems!

With the Monkey Gems game tournament coming up on September 25th, I decided to make a video to show you all how the game works!  I had a lot of fun shooting it in my office.  Thankfully no one caught me playing this game so much!


Like a lot of games, Monkey Gems is deceptively simple: throw your gems at an invading snake!  Every time your thrown gem hits a matching gem on the snake’s body, they disappear and the snake becomes shorter!  Get rid of the snake before he gets to your inner sanctum, and you win that round!


Of course there are gems that unlock different powers! Some cause a big explosion – BOOM!  Others slow the snake down to snail-like speeds.  Others double your points!


And on some levels, it isn’t just one snake invading your turf, but two!  The pace gets frantic, but with the help of the special gems and some smart strategy, you can make it!

There are also fun bonus rounds, where you throw your gems at fruit for extra bonus points.


And of course, the more you play, the more tokens you get, and the more tokens you have, the more opportunities you have to enter awesome PCH Sweepstakes!

Now remember everyone, practice rounds for this fun game start TODAY! So be sure to play now…then come back to PCHGames for the Monkey Gems Game Tournament on September 25th when you can win BIG CASH!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. I played the game for a while, and boy is it addictive!  I got a score of 21,760 points!  Do you think you can beat that?

9 thoughts on “Toss Around Some Monkey Gems and Win Tokens too!”

  1. Sally G says:

    I spend many hours playing monley gems but, I am hoping I will win some money !!! That would give me hope that I really can win something!!!

  2. I’m claiming win win

  3. Eddie H Montoya says:


  4. Rebecca Kanne says:

    I love the game, but I’ve gotten about 15 messages saying I’ve moved to the next chapter but it won’t do it. It keeps taking me back to “the adventure begins”.

  5. Barb S. says:

    I am horrible at this game! LOL

  6. Kanika Loeung says:

    I love PCH Games prizes up to $2,3000.00 award. Even if I’ve never won any small prize. But I like to play them still. 🙂

  7. I’m playing to win . Is it possible to win

  8. Leticia Bibo says:

    Leticia Bibo said…
    I enjoy to play Monkey Gems and it really fun. Thanks PCHplay&WinBlog

  9. Kanika Loeung says:

    I like to play Monkey Gems and also I like to beat “the showdown”. It is fun to play that game.

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