Fresh For Fall! New FREE Lotto Cards at PCHlotto!

It’s that time of the year again! The leaves are crisp and colorful, everyone’s enjoying baseball and football season, Halloween is right around the corner and the weather starts to turn a bit chilly! Fall has finally arrived! While summertime is still my favorite time of the year, fall takes a very close second. I can’t get enough of apple and pumpkin picking, and of course delicious pies and other fall treats!

Fall is definitely a time for fun, so enjoy your favorite fall festivities with some FREE lotto cards that could have you winning BIG! Play each card right now at!  Remember, the leaves may be losing their green this time of year, but you could win some extra “green” by playing!

$3,995.00 Playoff Payoff


HOME RUN!  That’s what I would be shouting if I won this fantastic payoff amount! Think of all you could do with $3,995! Take a swing at the $3,995.00 Playoff Payoff  for your chance to score big!

$1,000.00 in Hayridin’ Hundreds


Nothing celebrates fall like a good hayride! Head over to PCHlotto for your chance to make this hayride one to remember with $1,000.00 in Hayridin’ Hundreds! Nothing like turning bales of hay into an unexpected payday!

$10,000.00 Dough Boy Delivery


Who couldn’t use some extra “dough?” This little doughboy delivers a lot more than just your ordinary pizza!Start playing $10,000.00 Dough Boy Delivery for your chance to win every day!

$25,000.00 Scarecrow Cash Stash


The cash stuffed PCH Prize Patrol scarecrow may keep the crows away, but he is sure welcoming PCH fans to play! Take a chance with the $25,000.00 Scarecrow Cash Stash card and his money could be yours!

$5,000.00 Cash Maze Craze


A new twist on a fall favorite! Everyone loves a corn maze, but how about a CASH MAZE! How could you resist getting lost in a $5,000 payday? Try the new $5,000.00 Maze Craze for your chance to get lost in the riches!

$100.00 Black Cat Bucks


Whoever said black cats were bad luck sure hasn’t taken a chance with this cash-carrying kitty! Play $100.00 Black Cat Bucks and you’ll be purrr-ing with delight! A winner is guaranteed every night this month.

Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot


Everyone’s favorite rolling jackpot is debuting a new fun fall theme! These Jack-O-Lanterns are bursting with cash, and you could be too! Remember, the jackpot gets bigger every time someone plays.

So PCH fans, are you ready to “fall” into some extra cash? Then go play our free lotto cards at PCHlotto NOW!

Victoria C.

PCH Creative

6 thoughts on “Fresh For Fall! New FREE Lotto Cards at PCHlotto!”

  1. Carla Michelle Antee of Natchitoches LA NBC Newest Winner

  2. im in it to wen it all …? Good Luck to all of us…?

  3. clifford michael says:

    everyday it says I haven’t played the 3995 card but I’ve never seen where it is to play. tell me

  4. Kanika Loeung says:

    I wish to have some luck from PCH company for my birthday in this October.

  5. gloria hammonds says:

    Hi team bloggers! I love playing PCH lotto’s everyday when I am playing all my PCH games. I want to become a “October Birthday Cash Winner” or a P.C.H. “Fan Of The Month”. I am working hard to get there. Have a happy blogging day.

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