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Take a look at what PCHlotto Player Barb S. has to say in today’s Player’s Spotlight!

Hey PCHlotto Fans,

You’re all winners to us!  That’s why, it’s time to salute our fans with a special PCHlotto Player’s Spotlight!  A place where we can really celebrate what it means to be a PCHlotto player and share stories about others who really want to win big, too.  And if you read my blog, “Why Do People Play Lotto?  PCHlotto Wants To Know!”you saw that I was looking for a player to start it all off… so please welcome our very first Player in the Spotlight: Barb S.


Now, when I reached out to Barb, I didn’t even know she was a winner — but boy, was I wrong.  She surprised me with her winning personality, winning smile and told me that she’s been winning all over the place with PCH, too!  Take a look at what she had to say about PCHlotto in the special Q&A below:

Why you play PCHlotto?

I go to PCH.com and get the emails every day anyway. Helps that I’ve won in the past too!

You noted that you won in the past, can you tell me what prize it was and from which site?

I won a few months back on PCHlotto … also on Facebook… and some Amazon cards.

Why did you get started?

It’s free, I’ve known about PCH since “forever” pretty much, and I believe I have as good a chance at winning as anyone else does.

Can you tell me how often you play PCHlotto?  Is it more often than the State Lottery?  If so, why?

Definitely play PCHlotto more since I play that every day.  State Lottery and/or scratchers just once a week if that, and what I spend there is never over low double-digits.  I can’t believe some people spend $100s per day or more on scratchers or lottery tickets.

What do you like best about PCHlotto?

It’s quick, simple, and fun to play! I also think the graphics are always cute.

Did you check your email?  Was an exciting opportunity waiting there, or did you go right to the website?

Yes, in this case I did. Sometimes I do go right to the site, but I get the emails anyhow, so figure I may as well start from there. I click on the link in email, and as soon as the page loads in another tab, I go back and delete the email so they don’t pile up!

While playing your cards, did you pick your numbers or use quick pick?

I use quick pick almost exclusively. One set of numbers is as likely to win as any other.

Which cards are your favorites?  Do you remember any cards from the past that you liked seeing?

The ones with the cartoony Prize Patrol are neat. The Holiday or seasonal-related ones are fun too.

After you played your Instant Win Scratch Card, did you go on to play PCHSlots and PCH Instant Bingo, too?

Yes. Actually simultaneously pretty much (oh boy, hope that’s okay!) — from email links also. I’ve found using tabs in my browser makes everything so much faster. Otherwise it would take me all day since I try to enter every way I possibly can!

And when you were all done playing, were there any times during the day when you thought about what you could do with the money if you won at PCHlotto?  If so, please share those experiences with me as well.

If I won BIG? Sure, sometimes I do. I don’t plan my life around something that may or may not happen of course, but I think hopes and dreams are part of being human, and like I said before, I have as good a chance as anyone else. The first thing I would do before making any decisions would be to seek out some sound financial advice and devise a wise plan. Past that, taking care of family and investing for the future, maybe buying a house would be first. Then I’d like to donate some to good causes and some to just have fun with and go just a little bit crazy. But getting a plan in place would be my first step (so I don’t go toooooo crazy!)

Thank you Barb S. for all the great answers and Good Luck playing today!

Well Gamers, that was a great PCHlotto Player’s Spotlight, wasn’t it?  I sure think so.  Hearing what Barb S. had to say really made my day!  But now, I need some help from you.  I need a new player to put in the Spotlight … and I don’t want to put anyone on the spot.  So please let me know below if you want to be featured in our next “PCHlotto Player’s Spotlight” and I could be reaching out to you real soon!

Happy Gaming!

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

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  1. alice tanner says:

    so glad to hear from someone who actually wins i never have, ill have to play more.happy halloween.

  2. Gloria Lewis says:

    I Dream Of Winning In Jesus Name Amen Spooky,Pumpkin,Ghost,Candy

  3. Barbara says:


  4. Kanika Loeung says:

    I wish to step on her foot print. 🙂

  5. Michaela G. says:

    P.S. I forgot to congratulate Barb S., for all her wins and great info to all of us!!! I love every thing you said about why you play and enter PCH and if you won BIG what you would do and I totally agree, you have to have a plan and I do!

    Well, I hope you all are having a wonderful fall day and a great work week too!



  7. ruba khalid says:

    I PLAY Everyday…and would love to win I want to be a big lotto player spotlight

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