PCH Instant Bingo From A Winner’s Point Of View!

PCH Instant Bingo

Hey PCH Fans!

Just recently, something very special happened at PCH Instant Bingo, and I’m so excited to tell you about it! Another PCH Gamer has won the PCH Instant Bingo Jackpot! That’s right, Mona D. Of Monticello, MN is our new Bingo Progressive Jackpot Winner who won an awesome $3,960.00! That sure is a lot of money to win just by having fun playing Bingo! All of us at PCH would like to give another round of CONGRATULATIONS to Mona D. for winning such an amazing prize!

We were lucky enough to speak with Instant Bingo Jackpot Winner Mona D. about her recent win and what it meant to her! Mona told us that she first began playing PCH Bingo after it debuted on the website, and now she plays pretty much every single day! I can definitely see how an awesome game like this could get addicting! I was very happy to hear that this was Mona’s very first time winning big. It’s always nice to have a brand new winner. Since we at PCH are always looking for ways we can improve your PCH experience, I asked Mona what she liked most about PCH Instant Bingo. She went on to say that it’s really fun, it always works well, and it doesn’t take too long to play! All very true, and we were happy to hear such positive feedback from our winner!

If you want to be a winner just like Mona, all you have to do is play the game! The quicker your game card reaches bingo, the closer you get to being entered to win fabulous cash and prizes! Our winner, Mona, went one step further with her winning and went for the JACKPOT! If you too want to win the jackpot, all you have to do is go through your game cards, (you get 5!), and hope that mixed in with your bingo balls are the letters to spell out the word JACKPOT! If you get all 7 letters in the word jackpot throughout your 5 game cards, you win the jackpot shown!

Instant Bingo

As you can see in the picture above, I have only gotten the letter C and the letter P so far to spell out the word Jackpot! Even though I can’t win because I work here, if I were to get all the letters, my prize would be $1,441! The jackpot changes all the time, so you’ll be playing for a different amount every time you play!

PCH Instant Bingo is a really fun and easy way for you to not only enjoy the game of bingo, but also gain entries to win cash and prizes! If all goes well, you may even end your game as a winner just like Mona D.!

As always, good luck and happy gaming!

Christa P.
Creative Intern

P.S. Comment below to tell us if you’ve gone for the jackpot! What letters did you find?

48 thoughts on “PCH Instant Bingo From A Winner’s Point Of View!”

  1. Brenda Nelson says:

    IN IT TO WIN IT! Give back. I would like To Restore An Old HOME , Back To ITS GLORY! family history! MADE NEW AGAIN! Thanks!

  2. NORA says:


  3. jacalynkahn says:

    i can not get into the pchbingo or pchslot is any one else having a problem

    1. Margaret Burns says:

      I can’t get into it either. Did they do away with it?

      1. yes haven’t been able to get into since the 1st day of the year.

  4. bethembrey says:

    Once again by Tuesday i have every letter but that evasive O in JACKPOT. WHEN does it pop up?

    1. dmakins62 says:

      I have been waiting on the O ball as well, makes me wonder if it’s in there

  5. Sandra says:


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