PCHlotto Player’s Spotlight: Natasha D.!

PCHlotto Player Natasha D. tells all in today’s Player’s Spotlight!

Hello PCHlotto Fans,

Thank you so much for all of your great comments on our first ever PCHlotto Player’s Spotlight.  I was so excited to read them all and find our next Player in the Spotlight:  Natasha D. *Cheers*

PCHlotto Player's Spotlight Natasha D

Natasha was very helpful when I reached out to her and even signed her email as PCH #1 fan!  Take a look at some of the things she had to say about PCHlotto in our special Q&A:

Laurel: Why do you play PCHlotto?

Natasha: I play PCHlotto because it is fun and entertaining and it gives you chances to win prizes.

Laurel: Do you play the state lottery too or just PCHlotto?

Natasha: I play the state lottery occasionally when I am feeling like luck is on my side =).  But I love PCHlotto better because you never have to pay anything to win and I can play from my PC at home…woohoo!

Laurel: Do you prefer to play in the morning when you first wake up, or closer to the evening …?

Natasha: I play in the Mornings as always before everyone wakes up but if I forget to play my cards I will do it before 12:00 midnight =)

Laurel: Do you check your email before you play?  Was an opportunity waiting there, or did you go right to the website?

Natasha: I check my email faithfully, and yes as always a entry opportunity was waiting for me to click..click..click!

Laurel: Are there times when you think about what you could do with the money if you won at PCHlotto?

Natasha: As always I am always dreaming about winning Laurel … I wish to be that person who can help everyone out if I can. But you know life is life and you got to do what you can until that moment happens. So I never give up =)

Laurel: Do you have any hobbies besides gaming that you’d like to share with us?

Natasha: I love cooking…I do it everyday…I love watching movies…a movie fanatic…. and I exercise a few times a week…I love to sew…have not got any equipment yet but I am working on it!

Laurel: Do you have any pets?

Natasha: Yes I have 2 adorable Dogs Polo and Deuce and I love my babies. All they need is a little TLC and a family=)

Laurel: Is there anyone special you would like to say “Hi” to in your “Player’s Spotlight” blog?

Natasha: I would love to say Hi to my children Shaniece, Corey, Jamaari and my great wonderful boyfriend of 3 years Jamalle. Dave, Danielle and Todd and you Laurel and all PCH fans!


Thank you so much Natasha D. for sharing with us (and for including me in your Shout Out!).  Good Luck playing today! 

What’d you think Gamers?  Let me know below and tell me if you want to be featured in our next PCHlotto Player’s Spotlight!

Happy Gaming,

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

38 thoughts on “PCHlotto Player’s Spotlight: Natasha D.!”

  1. Suzanne Whalen says:

    I’m a winner

  2. Sandra. Logan says:

    Hello PCH and prize patrol I to love playing the games and the sweep stakes and search. You guys is why I am on Facebook and I always’ checking my email everyday to see what PCH have for me to do it a lot of fun I am hoping to win my dream 5000.00 or 7000.00 week for life I am a true fan for life 42 years’ so keep up the good work and God bless you all.

  3. It is always so much fun to read what the winner says. Each person is so unique and has an idea of how they will spend their money. What I like and admire is how many people share their winnings and help their families out. It is so heart-warming to see. I am hoping that I will be that next Publishers Clearing House winner. I truly could use the money and would love the opportunity to be able to help out my family and others in need! Keeping the faith!

  4. david hawn says:

    You were able to do what many others are trying to do. Nice.

  5. Thanks so much Danielle Lam.=)

    and Thanks everyone appreciated…….

    Good Luck all=)……in it to win it

  6. W S says:

    Congrats to you! May all your dreams hopes and wishes come true… PCH Fan 4 LIFE.

  7. I don’t usually do the spot light I blend! “BUT” for PCH I’d be right in the thick of things. I’d do the bunny dance Tears of joy and laughing because I won. The people who have been saying I’ve wasted my time I guess it would show them if you believe in yours dreams and don’t give up! Good things come to those who wait. I’ve always been last. I found being last isn’t all that bad you learn if you pay attention. My computer will be here tomorrow compliments of unknown scource. (ME) I believe I had a Angel on my shoulder. Great deal! Thanks to PCH search engine! Good Luck PCH FANS time is drawing near!~♡ keeping the faith

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