How Do You Choose Your Lucky Numbers At PCHLotto?

Lucky Numbers

Why hello there PCHlotto fans!

Everyone has go-to lucky numbers, and we want to know…WHAT ARE YOURS? And more importantly, HOW do you choose your lucky numbers?

I mean there are SO many possibilities. Do you pick your child’s birthday, your own birthday, the number of your favorite athlete – or something else completely? And what is it about these numbers that gives you the feeling that they are the key to winning? Do you have a method behind the madness, or do you just pick them randomly? I’m SO curious to see how YOU tick!

When I pick MY lucky numbers, I usually always go for the number 8 as my first choice. I pick 8 because my birthday is February 8th! I don’t know why, but every time I pick this number, I feel more confident than if I were picking a number that I’ve never used before. My second choice is always 13. Unlike some people who think the number 13 is BAD luck, I think it’s GOOD luck. When I was younger and played little league softball, I always picked number 13 because I had a superstition that it meant I would have a good season!

Everyone has their reasons for picking their favorite numbers, but I really want to hear all of yours! Please comment below and let us know…I’m curious to see if some of our methods are the same.

And then remember to go play your lucky numbers at PCHlotto. Happy Choosing!

Christa P.
Creative Intern

48 thoughts on “How Do You Choose Your Lucky Numbers At PCHLotto?”

  1. Gerald conley says:

    Here Claim my numbers. LUCKY NUMBER.ExTREME.,I want win….

  2. I love suprise PCH knows what the numbers are

    1. Wow $10,000,00 a week for life gwy4900 is the lucky number

  3. ethankcarla m Antee For Life myk says:

    My 8000.00 is the Lucky Winner

  4. gerald conley says:

    Not.. …..

  5. Aileen Hughes says:

    I pick my bday mu wons bday and my mom or dads bday

  6. Michelle Longo Pernula says:

    I chose numbers that I predict will be a winning day along with some dates of special memories. I’d like to know why on most every post here, people make many comments on several posts. Kind of annoying to have to pull down past 15 comments from ONE person just so you can get to the comment navigation area to make a comment. And do our comments result in additional prizes or entries? NO! So why do it? Just saying, it’s annoying to see the same person make a comment and they can’t even spell or use punctuation properly on every post there is.

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