Try your hand at the Dice Dice Baby Tournament Today!

PCH dice tournament

In Dice Dice Baby, it isn’t just the luck of the roll that determines your score!  Making skillful matches will give you points, and it could make you a BIG WINNER in the Dice Dice Baby Tournament!

Today, November 27, is your turn to use your quick thinking and match-making prowess to win some SERIOUS CASH!  That’s right, you’ll be not just rolling dice, but ROLLING IN THE DOUGH!

In fact, you don’t even have to be a Dice Dice Baby devotee to win a prize. PCHGames will award two random prizes of $150.00 each, just for being a part of the tournament!  But of course there is a bit of chance to ANY Dice game, so why don’t you give it a shot!  There’s plenty of prizes to be won!

PCH dice tournament

Dice Dice Baby is similar to other falling brick games, so the game play may seem familiar.  Simple shapes made of a few varieties of randomly numbered and colored dice float down to the top of the screen.  Using your “left” and “right” arrow keys, you can decide where you want the shapes to fall.  If you don’t like their orientation, you can use your “up” and “down” arrows to rotate the shapes as much as you want.

PCH dice tournament

When you’re satisfied with the placement of your piece, you can use the spacebar to drop the dice into position.  And don’t worry about odd gaps forming- the pieces will separate once they land and won’t stick together.

PCH dice tournament

The object is to match the dice to like colored/numbered pieces. When enough similar pieces are linked together (such as two 2’s, three 3s, four 4s, five 5s and eight six 6s), they are cleared from the game board and you receive points!  You get even more points for creating matches of bigger groupings!

If you haven’t tried it before, I’m sure you’re itching to go! And don’t forget, playing TODAY means serious chances at money! Over $2,300 in prizes MUST be awarded. Will you be one of our winners?

Here’s how the prizes break down:

1st Place Grand Prize – $1,000.00
2nd Place – $500.00
3rd Place – $250.00
PLUS, the top three token earners will receive $100.00 each!
AND, two randomly selected tournament participants will receive $150.00 each!

Good luck and happy gaming!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. What game are you addicted to? Tell us in the comments section.

8 thoughts on “Try your hand at the Dice Dice Baby Tournament Today!”

  1. Hello pch roll the dice baby because I want to win.

  2. Paul Anderson says:

    i want to win

  3. Connie O'Field says:

    I want to win. Roll the dice.

  4. ricky hessel says:

    who was the winners of dice dice baby the 27th of november matt.been in top five of all the tournaments,whats going on guys.

  5. Maria Miranda says:

    Played for fun because those were some crazy high scores to beat!

  6. Mrs. A.T. says:

    Hi! Addicted to Maj and Maj Dark Dimensions. No I still can’t spell it though I play it daily! I don’t know why I have such a hard time connecting to this blog. The other two show up, but I have to keep xing out and trying again on this one. Usually about the fourth time it loads. ?? Oh well, if time I will try this game. I usually play whatever tournament is on, even if only one or two games. I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

  7. Aicha laabid says:

    It really funy game

  8. Kanika Loeung says:

    Dice Dice Baby is fun game, i’d like to play it.

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