It’s A Winter Wonderland Of New FREE Lotto Cards at PCHlotto!

Hello Gamers!

It’s getting mighty cold out there! Time for sweaters, hot coco, warming up by the fireplace, and of course BRAND NEW FREE lotto cards from PCHlotto!

So while the snow and the cold may have you bundled up, it’s time to win yourself a bundle of CASH with these FREE lotto cards. Oh, and with the holiday season right around the corner, who wouldn’t want to fatten up their wallet with some extra “dough” for all those holiday needs!

$10,000.00 Seasons Winnings




Tis’ the season for giving, so we’re giving YOU a chance to make your holidays extra “jolly” this year with the $10,000.00 Seasons Winnings! Think about the holiday bash you could throw with all that extra cash!

$5,000.00 Doorbuster Dollars 



Since today is Cyber Monday, PCHlotto wants to give away some extra shopping cash today with the $5,000.00 Doorbuster Dollars card. If you haven’t played already make sure you go check it out!

$5,000.00 Snowball Dough



Of course, don’t forget to visit PCHlotto starting tomorrow and throughout December to play again for $5,000.00 in Snowball Dough!  You could win a COOL $5,000.00 overnight! How’s that for a holiday shopping spree?

Speaking of snowballs, there’s nothing more fun than getting hit with a frosty snowball (OK maybe hitting that person back is a bit more fun!) so you’ll love getting hit with the chance to win some big time money by playing $5,000.00 Snowball Dough! I sure wouldn’t mind some extra cash being “thrown” at me this holiday season!

$25,000.00 Reindeer Riches



Is it Dasher or Prancer? Maybe Donner Or Blitzen? You could be flying high this holiday season with $25,000.00 Reindeer Riches!

$100.00 Money Tree Winnings




Who ever said money doesn’t grow on trees? You would definitely be rockin’ around this Christmas tree if you win the $100.00 Money Tree Winnings!

$1,000 Candy Cane Cash



Even with all the delicious desserts, candy canes are still my FAVORITE sweet treat of the season!  Indulge in the $1,000 Candy Cane Cash for a chance at a seriously sweet ending to your holiday season!

$3,995 Frostbite Funds



The temperatures are dropping but you can heat things up by playing the $3,995 Frostbite Funds!

Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot

Bigger Bucks Millions



What are you wishing for under your tree this year? Unwrap some serious cash with everyone’s favorite Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot game! Remember the jackpot grows every time someone plays! So gather up those holiday guests and start playing NOW!

So gamers, are you ready for the holiday season? Get shopping, get wrapping and get started right now playing our fantastic free lotto cards at PCHlotto!

Season’s Greetings!

Victoria C.

PCH Creative

6 thoughts on “It’s A Winter Wonderland Of New FREE Lotto Cards at PCHlotto!”

  1. I’m love to win $10,000,00 a week for life gwy4900 from a special early look December 30th

  2. Lottie Sampson says:

    Yes I want to win a 10,000.00 a week for life plus vacation a house for the holiday and new years day iso my birth day now that will be a big blessing for me and my family

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hi Lottie, enter as often as you can, by doing so you are submitting an additional entry into the sweepstakes. There are multiple ways to enter. This blog will explain how: Have a wonderful day.

  3. PCH SweepStakes Entry! PCH PCHLotto! $5,000.00 Snowball Fight! From PCH GWY.NO. 4316! D.M.

  4. Natasha Davis says:

    Thank you Victoria. I love all the new holiday cards and even the twilight cards … they all are amazing and cool=)…Happy Holidays=)

  5. Maria Miranda says:

    It’s ok to be addicted to PCH lotto because it’s free! It doesn’t hurt your pocket and it may actually fatten up your wallet. Looking forward to winning to pay for the Christmas gifts on credit.

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