Kings in the Corner: Game Tips, Tricks and Tactics!

Hey PCH Game Friends!  Remember in the film Dirty Dancing where Patrick Swayze says the memorable line, “Nobody puts Baby in the corner”?  Well we’re going to put the KING* in the corner in one of my favorite games!

*no, I’m not talking about Elvis!

Kings In The Corner

As practice rounds draw near for the upcoming tournament, let’s take control of His Majesty in this puzzling card game, “Kings in the Corner!”

Your objective, should you choose to accept it, is to have zero cards in your hand!  Where do they go?  Well, that’s up to you!  I’ll tell you how the game is played and also share some game tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way!

Here’s how the game works:

You and an opponent(s) are dealt a hand of 7 cards each.  In front of you is the draw pile, plus 8 slots.  The corners can only be filled with Kings.  In between each corner is another slot, which can be filled by any card.

Before play begins, four cards are dealt from the center draw pile, and they are placed in their appropriate places.

Kings In The Corner Start

As each round begins, you MUST draw a card.  Looking at your hand, you can place cards on top of existing cards in play as long as they are the opposite colored suit AND are one number value lower.

In the screen above, you’ll see that there is a black 9.  I can put my red 8 on top of the black 9, because it is the opposite color and one value lower.

King In The Corner Tip

TIP #1 – I don’t have to stop there!  I can move the entire stack (both the 9 & 8) on top of the red 10, since the foundation of the stack (black 9) is the opposite color and one value lower than the red 10.  That gives me an extra spot to play my additional cards in.

TIP #2 – Aces are the lowest cards, and nothing can be stacked on them.  You can put them down in the empty slots if you want to block your opponent!

TIP #3 – Cards can be placed UNDER foundation piles!  This is a trick that’s easy to forget, but it can only be done if one of the foundation piles is empty.

So get to playing!  You can choose three levels of difficulty, and more opponents are added with each level.  Try it out and see how you do!  I promise you’ll love it!

-Matt K
PCH Creative

PS – What are some of your favorite card games to play with friends?  Tell us in the comments below!


7 thoughts on “Kings in the Corner: Game Tips, Tricks and Tactics!”

  1. Marilyn says:

    How does someone get over 27,000 as in the PCH contest today? 12/2/15.

  2. Carla M Antee says:

    Real cool

  3. Rodney Clifford says:

    I can only score 300 no matter the number of players or difficulty level. How are they scoring 600 + with ease daily?

    1. cscisalary says:

      1. Set difficulty to “hard” and number of players to 2.
      2. Go through the whole deck only playing kings. Hold on to all other cards.
      3. Once the draw pile is empty, create an empty foundation slot as soon as possible.
      4. Play cards one at a time into the empty slot and then onto a stack. This way each card scores 20 points instead of 10.

      The above strategy can get you to around 550 points if you happen to draw 3 or 4 kings. To reach 600 add in the following strategy during normal play.

      – When possible, play one card and move a stack onto it. This scores 30 points (10 for placing the card and 20 for moving the stack).
      – Leave the foundation slot empty at the end of your turn! Playing into an empty slot scores 0, wasting that card.
      – Be careful to not let your opponent win. I generally don’t create an empty slot unless he’s holding 4 or more cards.
      – When the draw pile is empty, refer to steps 3 and 4 above.

      You’re only dealt 24 cards. The idea is to score 20 or 30 points whenever you play a card. So far my highest score is 648 using this strategy.

      1. lisa lawrence says:

        hello I tried to go to end of the deck but the computer won before that happen

  4. john de says:

    How does the scoring work? Best I can get is 300, how can someone get 600 if there are not that many points in the entire hand?

  5. Kanika Loeung says:

    My favorite card game is Klond Solitaire Gold.

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