Introducing PCHBlackjack: A Classy Way To Win Big!

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Hey Gamers!

It’s no surprise that here at PCH we try to do everything we can to make our fans happy. Your opinion and your happiness truly matter to us in everything we do. It has become clear to us that one of our fan favorites is The Lucky Diamonds Casino at PCHSlots (it’s my favorite too!). Since we know that our fans love the thrill of a casino atmosphere, it is my pleasure to introduce to you a whole site dedicated to one of the most popular casino games around—BLACKJACK! That’s right folks, PCH is very proud to bring you PCHBlackjack!

I know many of you are wondering: what’s PCHBlackjack? I decided to go straight to PCHPlay&Win master Phil F. to ask him what fans like you should know about this new and exciting addition to the PCH family! Listen up!

Christa: Hi Phil! Congratulations on PCHBlackjack! What can fans expect from this new addition?

Phil: We are very excited about PCHBlackjack! Since we saw how much fans loved games like Lucky Diamonds Casino at PCHSlots, we decided to continue with the Las Vegas feel by adding another casino favorite: classic Blackjack! This new game site gives our fans what they enjoy playing and of course a chance to win big (this is PCH after all!)

Christa: Our fans definitely love chances to win! What opportunities does PCHBlackjack offer?

Phil: Well, it’s actually pretty amazing! With PCHBlackjack, fans will have the opportunity to win up to $25,000 instantly! This is the largest instant win prize amount being offered by Publishers Clearing House online!

Christa: Are you serious? $25,000? That’s amazing! How do you play?

Phil: The dealer starts off by dealing you two cards. Then you can choose to get additional cards by clicking on the ‘Hit’ button or sticking with what you’ve already got by clicking the ‘Stand’ button. The object of the game is to get a higher combined total than the dealer WITHOUT going over 21! If you get dealt a total of 21 in your first two cards, that’s called a Blackjack!

PCHBlackjack_How To Play

Christa: Cool! And how do the chips work?

Phil: Each player is awarded chips after they play a round of the game. If you get Blackjack, you will receive 5 chips. If you beat the dealer without getting a Blackjack, you’ll receive 3 chips. If you tie the dealer, you’ll receive 2 chips, and even if the dealer wins, you still get one chip!

Christa: Where does the winning instantly come into play?

Phil: To land an instant win opportunity, you MUST get Blackjack! Getting Blackjack will immediately send you to the Cash Bonus Round where you can play for a chance at up to $25,000!

Christa: How many rounds are there?

Phil: You have four chances to earn chips PLUS a Blackjack Bounty round at the end of your game!

Blackjack (2)

Christa: Blackjack Bounty round…that sounds exciting! What’s that?

Phil: It sure is! At the end of the four rounds, you will have the opportunity to use the chips you’ve earned to enter a number of different sweepstakes such as the $5,000 A Week For Life or the $10 Million Dollar Sweepstakes!


Christa: Wow! Can this game get any better? Tell me…what’s YOUR favorite part?

Phil: That would have to be the music! It really makes you feel like you’re inside your favorite casino!

Christa: Any final parting words for our fans?

Phil: Head over to PCHBlackjack to play now and get the chips while they’re hot!

Blackjack Board

There you have it folks! A brand new gaming site just for you! PCHBlackjack provides you with the ultimate classy gaming experience, and most importantly, a way to win BIG!

Christa P.
Creative Intern

P.S. We heard from Phil, now we want to hear from YOU. Comment below to tell us what YOUR favorite part of PCHBlackjack is.

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  1. Pch black jack a classy way to win just play the game and imagine how I could be the next Big Winner.

  2. Emmy Eddins says:

    Did Mrs. Eddins,Emmy win the super prize patrol giveaway6900code entry for November23Thanksgiving fest…..

  3. Sandra Crowley says:

    Each hand that offers “Double” I don’t choose to Double, yet the dealer takes 4000 rather than 2000 points away from me. I thought that you would have to choose double to get or take double.

    1. Richard Meza says:

      Im having a similar problem with them. I figure its time to just stop playing. Its a waste of time I think

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