Happy Holidays from Publishers Clearing House!

Happy Holidays from Publishers Clearing House

(with a nod to The Night Before Christmas)

‘Twas the night before Christmas and here at Our House
The Prize Patrol sat with computer and mouse
Their blazers were hung in the closet with care
For the next time a SuperPrize drawing was near
The entrants were nestled all snug in their beds
While visions of megabucks danced in their heads
The Prize Patrol marveled at all they had seen
As they handed out checks during 2013:

With five grand a week for the rest of his life,
Michael Miller could shake off his worry and strife
There was ten thousand dollars for Melody Bingham
Melodies of joy, we’re sure that she’ll sing ‘em!
Was Sherry Seltman surprised? You don’t need a jury
To prove she’s our new millionaire in Missouri!
“Things like this sure don’t happen to me,”
Said Gilbert Serf, Jr., of Texas, with glee.
Brandon King said he’d use his ten thousand dollars
To return to class as a filmmaking scholar
In North Carolina, they surprised Glenda Dancy
With one million dollars to buy something fancy
In Sparks, Nevada, Mr. Greg Garcia
Became a lot richer for sure – mama mia!
Alvin Roundtree’s persistence paid off pretty huge,
He won ten thousand dollars down in Baton Rouge!
Elise Gutierrez from Louisiana
Won one million dollars, like heaven-sent manna
If you’ve ever thought winning moments were fake,
Just ask Tria Lo, who won big on spring break
After suffering health issues, Ms. Bonnie Wines
Won twenty five thousand, now isn’t that fine?
Eric Schroeder admitted that he was just floored
When the Prize Patrol brought the Big Check to his door,
In Washington state, Shermoya Armstrong
Knew, with ten thousand smackers, she couldn’t go wrong
Pam Carlson just stood there exclaiming “NO! NO!”
When the Prize Patrol handed her all of her dough
Mary Croll was just entering the PCH sweeps
When the Prize Patrol gave her ten thousand for keeps
Virginia Hall held that Big Check in her hand
Upon winning her Virginia prize of ten grand

Connie Kiesser from Idaho won one million, too
That’s a lot of potatoes, boy, I’m telling you!

With so many winners, the Prize Patrol grinned
For, they were delighted to see these folks win
“Whom will we surprise next?” asked Dave and Danielle
“We don’t know yet,” said Todd, “but it sure will be swell!
Whoever it is, we’ll be there, sure as heck,
With champagne and roses, and, yes, the Big Check!
We can’t wait to give someone mountains of ‘green’
And change their whole outlook in 2014!”
And feeling quite merry, they headed outside
To the Prize Patrol van, and Dave gave them a ride
So they could head home to their presents and trees
And holiday warmth with their own families.
Then I heard them exclaim, as they drove that famed truck,
“Happy Christmas to all, and to all, best of luck!”

Remember, Publishers Clearing House never closes for the holidays! So, you can get your entries by signing up for emails … play to your heart’s delight at PCHgames and PCHlotto … and who knows? … perhaps even WIN BIG … whether it’s the night before Christmas … Christmas Day … or any day of the year! GOOD LUCK!




Prize Patrol Elite
Danielle Lam
Dave Sayer
Todd Sloane

P.S. If you like, comment below with your little Christmas rhyme about winning! We’d love to read it!












16 thoughts on “Happy Holidays from Publishers Clearing House!”

  1. Kristi Lynne Burkhalter says:

    Happy holiday’s

  2. carla m Antee says:

    Thank You

  3. Richrad A. Smith says:

    Merry Christmas to PCH

  4. It is almost time again for Christmas Day….
    I await the arrival of PCH Prize Patrol to say;
    “Mrs.Charlene Wilcox You have just Won The PCH SuperPrize Event!”
    But We still haven’t seen such a rewarding and exciting experience sent!
    All We can say it is part of A Thankful Prayer and My Dreams….
    Wishes and hope soon to Be tidings We Bring with Joyous Screams!
    A Super Fans Amazing request to Win as We try and try…
    Just to Meet that Fabulous Elite Team to share grateful cries.
    The Winning sensation of an Amazing Prize…
    Just knowing it is Real and looking forward to a surprise!
    Still as We Dream for That Prize Patrol Van to arrive…
    If Santa was ever replaced by a knock at My door…
    It would be the hopes of The PCH Prize Patrol and more….
    Lucky The Big Check in One Hand when I keep wishing.
    Dave Sayer with Roses while I’m fishing….
    Todd Sloane with those PCH Prize Balloons and Champagne!
    Oh and of course Pretty Danielle Lam with All Their smiles just to gain!
    The Camera Crew just Zooming In to finally Believe You Do Win!
    Merry Christmas To All and To All a very Good night to Pin…
    Makes Us All PCH Winners for trying One Day at A time…
    Still hopes To Become PCH Sweepstakes Winner at http://www.pch.com in Our Prime…..

    The Poem is Called “PCH at Christmas Time”…..By Charlene L.Wilcox

  5. RONALD FIELD says:

    PCH ROCKS………..

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