PCHplay&win Welcomes 2014 With Some Exciting New Changes!



Happy New Year Gamers!

How many of you made some New Year’s resolutions over the past few days? Well now that it is officially 2014, it’s time to put those resolutions into action! Personally, I feel like I always forget about some of them or just get plain ol’ tired of trying to keep up with them after only a few weeks. That’s why I like to do something different for New Years. Instead of the same boring old resolutions, I like to mix things up and pick a few things in my life that need a “makeover” or an update.

So what did I pick this year? Well, this year I decided I wanted to update some things in my apartment. I started simple by painting my bathroom (goodbye boring white walls!) and updating a few things in my kitchen. My whole place looks better already!

Speaking of changes and makeovers, here at PCH we are constantly making changes and thinking up new ideas that our fans will just LOVE! Fortunately, I got to spend some time chatting with two of our PCHplay&win team members Danny E. and Phil F. about some of the changes you can anticipate for 2014. Here’s what they had to say!

Q: Happy New Year! Can you remind our readers a little bit about what each of you do here at PCH? 

Phil: I am the Product Owner for PCHSlots, PCHBingo and the brand new PCHBlackjack!

Danny: I’m responsible for the PCHgames website.  Basically everything that hits the site goes through me. I manage all the website development, token events, tournaments and any other changes that happen to the site. I work with a bunch of other groups to create contests, graphics, e-mails and address problems.

Q: How long have each of you been with the PCHplay&win team?

Phil: I have been with the team for about 3 years now.

Danny: I’ve been working on PCHgames since March 2011, but I’ve been with PCH since 2001.

Q: Are there any specific changes or upcoming events you want to tell our blog readers about?

Phil: Well, as you heard on the blog a few weeks ago, PCHBlackjack just recently launched, and it’s one of our best experiences yet! It’s also the first PCH site that can be played on desktop computers, smart phones and tablets from day 1. Everyone should go play a few hands for a chance to win up to $25,000 instantly!

Danny: I’m working on ways to reward our most dedicated players. I’m also working on better ways to get new information out to our players. If there is a new opportunity to win or a new game to play, I’d like to make sure you guys know about it.

Q: How will these changes benefit the experience fans have with PCHplay&win?

Phil: We’re not making many outwardly noticeable changes, but we are looking to offer more experiences and chances to win on mobile and tablet devices.

Q: Cool! What can fans expect from PCHGames for the 2014 year? What are you most excited about?

Danny: 2014 is going to be a big year for PCHgames.  I’ve got a pile of things that I’d like to do to the site.  My ultimate goal is to make the site more fun and engaging for everyone.  I’m planning to achieve this by adding new games to both our desktop site and our new mobile experience.  I’ve also got some ideas to help you guys maximize your tokens and chances to win.  For example, I think it might be fun to have daily score challenges against other players.

Q: Sounds AWESOME! So I have to ask, is 2014 going to be the best year EVER for PCHplay&win?

Phil: Absolutely! We’re giving away MORE prizes in MORE ways than ever before, so 2014 is going to be chock full of WIN!

I love it, but what do YOU think? Are you excited about the changes that are in store for PCHplay&win? Keep playing these super fun and exciting games for YOUR chance to win some fun prizes! Oh, and keep an eye out right here on the PCHplay&win blog for some of the changes our team spoke about!

Happy Gaming!

Victoria C.
PCH Creative

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