Become Our “Fan Appreciation” Winner – Comment On This Blog!

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Hey Everyone!

Has anyone ever rewarded you for just being you? Well, here at Publishers Clearing House we want to make sure all of our dedicated fans know just how much they’re appreciated. That’s why today, between the hours of 12:00 AM, ET and 11:59 PM, ET, fans like YOU will have the opportunity to win cash AND tokens just by commenting on this blog! How cool is that?

We will be selecting one very lucky gamer in a random drawing to be our Fan Appreciation winner! And it only takes ONE comment to be entered to win!

Many of you may be wondering…what exactly do you get if you win? Well gamers, you will receive $100.00 CA$H AND 5,000 tokens to use any way you want! Plus, your photo will be featured as the cover photo for the PCHGames Homepage and the PCHGames Fan Page On Facebook! Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me!

We at Publishers Clearing House thought this would be the PERFECT way to recognize and reward fans like you who are always in the know! What do YOU think?

Remember, it is SO easy to enter for this awesome opportunity — all you have to do is comment on THIS blog! So, what are you waiting for?! Comment below and nominate yourself to become the PCHGames Fan Appreciation cash winner!

If you’re stuck on what to comment about, it’s simple! Just tell us what you like most about PCHGames. Do you have a favorite game? Do you absolutely love our prizes? Tell us anything, even if it’s just a nice hello! We want to hear from you!

Wishing All Of You The Best Of Luck!

Christa P.
Creative Intern

*Individuals commenting on the Fan Appreciation blog who win and accept a prize give permission to Publishers Clearing House, to use their name and/or photo, for commercial purposes or other purposes of trade or advertising with no compensation due to them.


488 thoughts on “Become Our “Fan Appreciation” Winner – Comment On This Blog!”

  1. Umaru Kamara says:

    I’m requested pch officials and member’s to please claim and secure my entry to win $100 cash prizes for the highest levels customer recognition, plus also win pch gwy no. 6900! $5,000.00 a week forever on February 24th /17 .for the great offers tournament game , we are thanks pch officials and member’s for the lifetime credits offers.

  2. Teretha Mason says:

    IAM A IN IT TO WIN IT FAN!!!! I love the games. I love to see people win prizes.Some day that would be me.GOOD LUck TO ME & Everyone.

  3. javid says:

    I hope one of this day …PCH would change my whole life…..seen for all I go through in life I never give up.. I stand up even I fall mostly but I get up and keep going even its hard.I have family in here but I felt I’m all alone never even have any help from them. .but its ok I know one of this day my life would be better ….I don’t need to have everything I just wantedcto have even simple life….hoping PCh would make it happened to help me to make my life better …..thanks regard,love javid

  4. mae says:

    love to play games on and i wish someday i will be feature as one of your cover photo.

  5. marielis viamontes says:

    OMG,really I need to win something because I dont have money to buy nothing,(food).hope in my God that I can be blessed tonigth

  6. Yes I received a customer appreciation prize for $100,000.00 claim. Please let it be known I am claiming my winning prize number entry. I claimed my entries and number.

  7. David Murray says:

    Happy Labor Day PCH!!!

  8. David Murray says:


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