Meet The Newest PCH Fan Appreciation Winner, Wilma!

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Hello PCH Fans!

As we first told you here on the blog the other day, we just crowned our newest Fan Appreciation winner. CONGRATULATIONS, Wilma T.! Can you believe that Wilma won a big $100.00 cash prize and 5,000 tokens just for commenting on our blog! Recently, I was able to ask Wilma about her experience being a Publishers Clearing House winner, and I wanted to share what she said with all of you today!

Q: What got you started with Publishers Clearing House?

Wilma: I can’t remember, maybe I received a letter in the mail many years ago!

 Q: How long have you been playing PCHgames? Did you always enter the contests or was this your first time?

Wilma: I have been playing PCHgames  since I got my own computer. I retired last year so I have more time to play now. I try to enter as many contests as I can.

 Q: What do you like best about playing PCHgames? Is there one that is your absolute favorite?

Wilma: What I like best about PCHgames is that there is a chance to win and if you do not win you enjoy playing for free. My favorite games are strategy games.

 Q: How did you react when you found out you were the newest PCH Fan Appreciation winner?

Wilma: When I seen my email on Jan. 8th I thought WOW you can really win on PCH!

 Q: Have you ever won anything on PCH before?

Wilma: This is my first win!

 Q: Any idea on how you want to spend your prize money?

Wilma: I am planning to buy food at Walmart when I receive my check.

 Q: Is there anything you want to say to other PCHgamers out there?

Wilma: PCHgamers the next winner could be you! Thank you and I hope everyone has a wonderful new year!

 Well gamers, I hope you enjoyed getting to know our newest PCHgames winner! Remember, YOU could have the chance to win just like Wilma did!  Keep following the Play&Win blog every day and be sure to comment, too! We LOVE hearing from you!

 Happy Gaming!

 Victoria C.

PCH Creative


39 thoughts on “Meet The Newest PCH Fan Appreciation Winner, Wilma!”

  1. hello pch and yes i would like to win a new computer plus 1 million cash plus 5,000.00 a week for life

  2. Miriam Miller says:

    Congratulations Wilma. It pays to be consistent and committed. May your wins continue.

  3. Lois slater says:

    If I never win I won’t to always say congratulations to the happy winners.I know there are so many peoples like me are so in need. So I say may God bless this winner.

  4. KENNETH says:

    Congratulations Wilma

  5. erika vevers says:

    #1fan of Danielle lam <3 ya

  6. Erika Vevers says:

    love you all

  7. JOY says:


  8. shari clay says:

    you are truely blessed

  9. Beverly Crawford says:

    Congratulations Wilma enjoy and be happy as you are one lucky lady!!

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