Play Lotto On The Go with PCHlotto!

Hi everyone! I hope you’re playing your free lotto cards at PCHlotto every day! And did you know that you can play your daytime PCHlotto cards on your smartphone or other mobile device? It’s true! You can play PCHlotto on the go!

Get started now! Here’s how: Go to and sign in. Next you’ll receive your cards — seven in all! First you’ll pick numbers for the Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot. (Choose your lucky numbers or select “Quick Pick.”) This giveaway is so exciting because the jackpot increases every time you play — up to $3,000,000 and there’s a new drawing every night.  After that, you’ll have the chance to play six more lotto cards with various prize opportunities and different fun themes.

Lotto on the go

Play Lotto on the Go

Play PCHlotto on the go

Since you can play PCHlotto on your smartphone, there’s no reason to ever miss playing your cards again! Which brings me to my next point. Now that you can have PCHlotto fun whenever you want … where are you going to play PCHlotto? Here are some practical ideas:

When you’re standing on line. It’s been said that the average person will spend nearly five years of their life waiting in line! Why not make some of that time count by getting in chances to win $1,000 … $10,000.00 or maybe even millions!

While watching TV. Embrace multi-tasking and play your cards while watching your favorite TV show or sports program.

During a break from work.  Play your lotto cards on your smart phone to make your coffee break a whole lot more exciting!

I’ve just shared my top 3 ideas for places to play lotto on the go at PCHlotto. What about you? What do YOU think would be the most clever or unusual place to play your cards on PCHlotto? Leave us a note in the comments section below.

Happy gaming!

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

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