Why Can’t I Log In To PCHgames?

Why can't I login

Hey everyone!

After looking over some of your most frequently asked questions here at the Play&Win blog and on our Publishers Clearing House and PCHgames Fan Pages on Facebook, one of the top questions was “Why Can’t I Log In To PCHgames?” Well, if you’ve been having trouble with this same issue, it’s important for you to remember that as of a few months ago, you can sign on to both PCHgames and PCH.com using only ONE email and password combination! With so many things to remember nowadays, we thought it was a great idea to only have to remember ONE password to log in to BOTH sites. Don’t you agree?

Another reason you could be having trouble logging in is that you’ve simply forgotten your password! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done that. Well don’t worry — we have a simple “Forgot Password” link located under the “Sign In” Box. All you have to do to log in from there is click “Forgot Password” and enter your email address. A password assistance email will be sent to you, which includes a link to reset your password. Simply click the link within the email and enter a new password when it asks for it. Once your password has been changed, you will be able to login to your PCHgames and PCH.com accounts using this password! How easy is that?

So if you’re ever wondering “Why Can’t I Log In To PCHgames?”, hopefully the information we provided above will help! And if this still does not resolve your problem, please contact us through Customer Service.

Good Luck!

Christa P.
Creative Intern

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25 thoughts on “Why Can’t I Log In To PCHgames?”

  1. lola still says:

    Having trouble log in on Pch play & win app. Been play the game for 157 days straight and today the app will not open up. I still want to keep my straight going.. HELP WITH THIS PROBLEM, PLEASE!

  2. Peggy Anderson says:

    I can’t reach any PCH page. I keep getting HP 504 error–page cannot be found. What gives??

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