Get MORE PCHlotto! Play PCHlotto Twilight On Mobile!

Hello PCHlotto lovers! What if I told you there was a simple way to get MORE PCHlotto cards to play every night? Guess what? I’m excited to tell you that when you play all your PCHlotto daytime cards, you can play again at night with PCHlotto Twilight after 5 PM, ET — and you can play right from your desktop computer OR mobile device!

That’s right! Here’s how to get started: Just visit and sign in if you’re not signed in already. Then, play through all seven amazing PCHlotto daytime cards.

Before PCHlotto Twilight, that would have been the end of your daily PCHlotto opportunities. But not anymore! Now you can come back after 5 PM, ET and play PCHlotto Twilight on mobile or desktop! That’s MORE PCHlotto cards! MORE chances to win! And it goes without saying … MORE fun! You’ll get 7 more PCHlotto Twilight cards in all. And just like the daytime cards at PCHlotto, your PCHlotto Twilight cards change every month, too!  

Here are the PCHlotto Twilight cards for February:

PCHLotto Twilight PCHlotto Twilight4 PCHLottoTwilight2 PCHlottoTwilight5 PCHlottoTwilight6 PCHLottoTwilight7

Wow! With all these amazing PCHlotto Twilight cards, it goes to show that there’s never too much of a good thing where PCHlotto is concerned! Have you played PCHlotto Twilight yet? Now that it’s available on your mobile device, in addition to desktop, there’s never any reason to miss playing your cards. And I’m sure we can all agree that PCHlotto and PCHlotto Twilight are more convenient than the state lotteries, which require a trip to the store! Plus, PCHlotto cards are absolutely FREE to play — day or night!

So c’mon, have MORE fun at PCHlotto by giving PCHlotto Twilight a try! And before you go, let us know which February card was YOUR favorite?! Leave me a message in the comments section below.  Mine was Rack & Roll Riches!


Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

29 thoughts on “Get MORE PCHlotto! Play PCHlotto Twilight On Mobile!”

  1. anna hudson says:

    i never got any of these cards in february ?why

  2. Im new n didnt play feb

  3. Blank gray screen no twilight cards.WHY???

  4. Steve says:

    what happened to pchkotto for mobile devices I can only find lotto blast that is not the one i nee… there is a place online that says i don’t play on my mobile and would if i could find the app…

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  6. mrsmitchell says:

    Tried!! There’s only a blank screen. Why??

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