What Numbers Are Lucky? PCHlotto Team Member Tells All!

What numbers are lucky

Hey Gamers,

As part of the PCHlotto team, I live and dream Lotto numbers … so, when I’m asked what numbers are lucky I just can’t help having an opinion about it.  I mean, with winners every day at PCHlotto there just have to be lucky numbers, right?  So, I did a little “investigative reporting” that I wanted to share with you before you go for all the big Prizes at PCHlotto today — like the Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot that increases up to $3,000,000.00 and $10,000.00 Cash!  Keep reading!

I started my search for what numbers are lucky by reading a blog by my friend Elaina R. — The PCH Prize Patrol Shares Their Lucky Numbers — and was happy to discover that my favorite number eight signifies prosperity and wealth!  How exciting!

Then, I turned to PCHTips, where I found a similar question posed:  Are There Really Lucky Lottery Numbers?  It turns out that, “According to US-Lotteries.com, out of 1656 draws the most common Powerball numbers are 41 (drawn 178 times), 26 (176 draws), 20 (175 draws), and 32 (172 draws).”  So, it seems like those numbers are lucky for a whole “lotto” people … and could be for gamers like you and I, too!

Even though those answers were interesting, they weren’t really satisfying my “what numbers are lucky” curiosity.  So, I consulted the internet – through PCHSearch&Win – and here’s what I discovered:

7 is a “heavenly” number because that’s how many days it took God to create the universe.

4 is “lucky” because that’s the number of leaves in a lucky clover

3 is “perfect” because triangles are “indestructible” (I’ve never tried to destroy a triangle, but I believe it 🙂 ) — and ‘all good things come in groups of 3’.

There are even “lucky” numbers out there based upon your birth sign, birthday and name!  I was born in August, so that makes me a Leo.  I searched for lucky Leo numbers and was surprised to find out that for 2014 my lucky number is 12.  Twelve?  I had no idea!  I don’t know how true it is, but if I could win at PCHlotto (employees are ineligible for prizes), I would definitely give playing 12 a try.  After all, PCHlotto is free to play so you can “try out” your lucky numbers one day and then, if they don’t work, you can use another set tomorrow or keep playing them until they hit!

So, whether you already have lucky numbers or want to know what numbers could be lucky for you, one thing’s for sure – you could win with any numbers you choose at PCHlotto!  But here’s my question for you — do you play your lucky numbers on EVERY card or do you save them for certain cards that may seem “lucky” like the $5,000 Stacks O’ Green covered in clovers? Please share your answer with me below — and don’t forget to play those lucky numbers at PCHlotto — they could make you lucky with a whole “lotto” money tonight!

Happy Lotto Playing!

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

43 thoughts on “What Numbers Are Lucky? PCHlotto Team Member Tells All!”

  1. Moon Moehring says:

    Thanks for enlightening me

  2. Moon Moehring says:

    I play the same in every single PCH lotto game, hoping for the day to hear Today my wealthy way, that is my destiny to be wealthy you know , from here it depends on which way my LUCK will go…..come on PcH I really want to know…is today is the day I will hear you say I am on the right road the Winners way?

  3. Teresa Johnson says:

    Any numbers I chose could become the lucky winner numbers just enter play and win it all the luck is in your willingness to try.

  4. James Parish says:

    Yeah right, pchlotto team so far I’ve got 4, 4126,,20,7,and 4,3 why don’t you just say all numbers between 1 and infinity are lucky because that’s just too funny!

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  7. ethankcarla m Antee For Life myk says:

    Winner Revealed 5000 Stacks of Green clovers

  8. hoy yo gano con pch

  9. Jessica lambert says:

    2,4,11 hope to win it all June 30

  10. idahlia57 says:

    ai – 873

    cb – 72

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