PCHlotto Winner Discovers Lucky Fate In Glasgow, Kentucky!

PCHlotto winner

When Margie T. of Glasgow, Kentucky woke up on the morning of Tuesday, March 18th she read her horoscope as per usual. Only that day, her horoscope couldn’t have been more true! It said that she would experience wealth and a great surprise. Talk about irony! You see, later that day, Margie was going to find out that she was a $10,000 PCHlotto winner from the Silver & Sapphire Scratch Card!

The women at Greer’s Flower Shop couldn’t believe their eyes and ears when Danielle Lam and I showed up. They were elated that we were in their town, using their flower shop for our signature balloons and roses — and they were even more proud that someone in their town was the winner of a $10,000 check from PCHlotto! They quickly informed us that down in the south they consider the presentation style of roses that we so often pick up for our winners are actually called “arm bouquets”! You learn something new every day! Once we were all set at the flower shop, it was off to Margie’s house we went.

Prize Patrol at florist

After a several minutes of waiting for Margie to answer her door, Danielle, myself, and the cameraman walked up and down Margie’s block asking neighbors for help. We quickly realized that Margie came outside to get her mail, and we made sure to hide behind a neighbors car so she didn’t see us! Once Margie went back inside, we ran up to her house for the BIG surprise!

When Margie came to the door, we asked if she knew who we were, she replied “The Prize Patrol!?” She was nervous at first, but once we told her that she was the lucky PCHlotto winner of $10,000, she nearly fell over!! Margie gasped and leaned on her doorway as if she couldn’t handle the excitement! She was gushing with happiness and shock all at the same time! Margie said she had been entering at PCH for 30 years, first through mail and then recently online. She said she thought it would never happen to her, but was so glad it did! She couldn’t have been more excited.


What’s even more ironic is that Margie won from playing the Silver and Sapphire PCHlotto Twilight lotto card. She told us shortly after she caught her breath that her birthstone was actually Sapphire! Seems like this winning moment was true fate! Between Margie’s morning horoscope and her birthstone being a sapphire, it was really meant to be. We are so happy for Margie and know she will put her money to good use!

Here’s a look at the news story from the Glasgow Daily Times
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  1. Pamela Holmes says:

    I’m waiting on the prize patrol on Dec 30 2015 🙂 I want to win really bad yes lord..

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Well Pamela we really appreciate your support and loyalty! Keep trying for your chance to become a winner! Our next early look is December 30th and we’re getting excited to award another PCH winner. There’s no way to know who we’re going to surprise with the next big check since every entry has the same chances. Check out all of the ways you can enter into our exciting giveaways: http://bit.ly/How-To-Enter-PCH-Sweepstakes. Good luck to you and all who enter! 🙂

  2. I have entered since 1988 and still won nothing. What about that?

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