Weekend Motivation: Keep Playing — You Could Win Big at PCH.com Games!

I know how a little Motivation goes a long way. As an avid sports fan and former athlete, I’ve felt joy when I win big and I’ve been hurt after every tough loss. That’s why I’d like to share with you this quote I keep close to heart, said by one of the greatest sportswriters ever to live, Grantland Rice.


This quote always helps me keep the faith. Whenever I was down and discouraged about losing, I said these words over and over again. And though I might not have won, I was able to step back and look at it differently:

Did I show up to play? Yes.

Did I try my best? Sure did.

Did I do everything I could to win? Of course!

Sometimes, though, you can do everything right and still not win. But that’s no reason to give up! That’s when you reach down and grab some Motivation, keep your head held high and get ready to go out and play again at PCH.com Games.

I’d like to encourage all you fans to keep the faith, too. Because at PCH.com Games, we make it so fun and easy for you to play for your opportunity to win. And that’s all you have to do to enter — PLAY!

There’s never been a better time to make sure you’re entered, as there is an INCREDIBLE $10,000 A Week For Life prize at stake. We’re taking a special early look for a winner, and if you enter, YOU could WIN BIG on DECEMBER 23RD!

So, friends, as you get ready to enjoy your weekend, I hope you’ll remember that every day brings with it a new opportunity to win. So my advice is to never give up, keep the faith, and play and play and keep playing. You never know when you could win!

Joe W.
PCH Online Creative

10 thoughts on “Weekend Motivation: Keep Playing — You Could Win Big at PCH.com Games!”

  1. Fred Haut says:

    I jump through all the Hoops in Cross almighty’s I guess it’s just a matter of when not if but when

  2. SHARONETTE Taylor says:

    It pays too play, beliving thur faith … AMEN

  3. SHARONETTE Taylor says:

    Playing for the big check, dont pass me by, let not the pch patrol van travel back to their starting point, in the bye and bye , until lancaster residents see , and know this WINNER lady of God, faithful too the word of CHRIST ” ACKNOWLEDGE JESUS ” anointed, and appointed too be called soon and very soon …

  4. kathy henning says:

    I love the quote, It’s s so true!!! keep the faith everybody.

  5. Mike James says:

    I would love to win my life is crazy right now with me working like crazy I would love to make my little girl a good Christmas but I don’t know if that will happen happy hoileday guys

  6. Joanne Roman says:

    I love PCH and hope to win it all soon and be set for life once i am the winners choice i sure can dream big.


  8. Rhonda says:

    Great article! I enjoyed reading it Joe W. I am definitely keeping the Faith and I am ready to win BIG. Awesome! 🙂 Thank you PCH 🙂

  9. Michelle Pernula says:

    Eating humble pie.

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