Take a Play Break (or Eight) to Make Your Monday Great!

Happy Monday, blog readers! I hope everyone had a nice relaxing Thanksgiving Weekend filled with family, football, and food.

So, are you ready to hit the ground running today? Excited to head back to work? Looking forward to even more shopping with great online deals? Or, just maybe, you’re like me and thinking it would be great to have one more day to recover from all the holiday hoopla!

Of course, Monday doesn’t have to be so bad, especially if you schedule in a few play breaks throughout the day and spend some quality time with your favorite PCHgames.


On top of today’s to-do list should be a play break to enter the daily tournament at PCHgames and go for one of the $100 CASH prizes. Then, explore all the action offered by PCHgames! With dozens of games to play across a wide variety of categories, there’s sure to be something for everyone.


Just remember, you can rearrange the letter in “Monday” to spell “Dynamo.” With that in mind, what game is it that really gets you going? Is it the fast-paced frenzy of the Minute Mania games? How about the matching madness of the Mahjongg games? Do you prefer to solve the Strategy games? Or do you go straight for action of the Arcade games?



However you choose to take your play break – whether it’s with Addiction Solitaire PegLand … or any of our other exciting free games, you’ll enjoy tons of fun – and bank tokens with every gameplay! And don’t forget, there’s money to be won as well. With every 10 gameplays you’ll unlock the $500 Briefcase Bonus and go for some instant-win cash!

So what are you waiting for? Couldn’t you go for a game right now? Take a quick play break and pick one of your favorite PCH games for a quick pick-me-up.

Happy gaming,

Russell S.
PCH Creative

P.S. Don’t forget – the PCHPlay&Win blog has plenty of “tips & tricks” blogs to help you make the most of your PCH gaming experience Here are a few to get you started:




7 thoughts on “Take a Play Break (or Eight) to Make Your Monday Great!”

  1. Debie Garces says:

    I was reading your blog and it asked what would you do if you won knowing me I would probably cry for joy because I would feel so blessed I would be able to help others especially our elders especiallyespecially the ones who would suffer from dementia they need somebody andand I strongly believe God has brought these people to me so I can help them because they have no one and I am blessed to be able to help and and if I was to win I would probably lose my composure and the crack of crazy lady with joy

  2. Fred Haut says:

    Yes I do like playing Tri-Peaks Solitaire that is the game for me

  3. Ted Sebastian says:

    The games have not been working for days now. And there’s a lot of comments from other players about it, should I continue wasting my time trying or is the problem going to be fixed?

  4. Fred Haut says:

    82 make Monday great I am playing all the games I can I am trying to cover all 10 categories that belong to PCH I want to win a life-changing event PCH we please help me make that dream come true I hope to see you at my door soon

  5. Lawanda says:

    I play all the games offered

  6. Omar Bonilla says:

    Definitely future week payment’s! ?


    I definitely enjoy playing Mahjongg ! It’s on my daily list while I have my cup of hot tea. You can have fun with PCH games and it’s a great way to enter the sweepstakes!

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