10 Million Reasons to Download the PCH App – On the Double!

Did you think from that headline that we were actually going to list 10 Million reasons you should download the PCH app (Apple/Android)? Well don’t worry! We wouldn’t drive you crazy with an endless list like that – even though there are lots of reasons to download it right this minute!


That was just a little play on words. You see, when you download the PCH app, you’ll get 2X entries (that’s right… DOUBLE entries) into the life-changing Winner’s Choice Prize. A winner of this prize would get to choose either $10,000 A Week for Life or $10 Million all at once. Awesome, right? The winner gets to choose which he prefers! Now that’s a decision anyone would be happy to make! Which payout would you choose if you won?



What? You’ve already downloaded the PCH app? No problem – there’s still plenty of cool benefits for you, too! For example, when you enter to win the Winner’s Choice Prize with the PCH app (Apple/Android), those 2X entries will be available to you every single day! Just imagine how many SuperPrize entries you could rack up!

But don’t just take my word for it. The PCH Prize Patrol’s very own Danielle Lam loves the PCH app and knows all about giving away tons of prize money. Check out what she has to say about getting the best of PCH – all in one place!

By the way, once you get the PCH app, and for those of you who already have it, we’d love to know what you love most about it! Be sure to tell us in the comments below!

I’m sure you’ll agree, there are so many great reasons to download the PCH app (Apple/Android) and no reasons not to! But if you don’t already have the it, you should definitely get it… on the double! With 2X entries into the Winner’s Choice Prize available to you every day, there’s no time to waste!

Good luck!

Tina P.
PCH Creative

29 thoughts on “10 Million Reasons to Download the PCH App – On the Double!”

  1. warren chetley says:

    The shock of winning would probably end it all for me !

  2. mike walczak says:

    hello pch and yes i would like to win 1 million cash

  3. Kenton Hendrick says:

    Kenton Hendrick would Iove to win $7000 or $5000 a week I would like to win something it would make my day.

  4. Chharlie Potter says:

    I don’t expect to win anything…reason,
    I live in TEXAS…”Flyover Country.” I don’t live in New jersey or other east coast states! The PowerBall Lotto works the same way…AND DUH WINNA IS…FLORIDA, FLORIDA, FLORIDA, NEW JERSEY!!! WHY? PCH IS BASED IN NEW YORK AND POWER BALL IS BASED IN FLORIDA. IT’S CALLED “KEEPING THE MONEY CLOSE TO HOME.”

    Charlie P.

  5. Douglas Rogers says:

    I would love to win the Publishing Clearing House 7000 a week for life!

  6. Dominic Watson says:

    Pch frontpage I want to win $10 million today from the prize patrol team and I want $10,000.00 a week for life plus $10 million today from the prize patrol team ill be waiting for your knocks on the dore please bring me a superprize today from the prize patrol team ill be home waiting for you i will be home


  8. Barbara schreckengost says:

    PHC I want to win all this I am very excited and the opportunity to win $10,000,000.00 !! Looking so forward ,thank you .

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