Now PCHgames Has Even More Free Ways To Win Cash!


Hey Gamers,

I’ve got some great news! PCHgames now has even more free ways to win cash  with Tournament Prizes you could win on your desktop computer, mobile phone and tablet!

Now, with four ways to win Tournament prizes already available at PCHgames, you may be wondering why this is particularly great news… so, as your friend, and self-proclaimed Digit Diva, I’m going to show you how MORE WAYS TO WIN could be the best discovery since a snack fell on Newton from the heavens… and gave him a great idea! Ready? Take a look at this…

It’s The Digit Diva’s Super Easy Tell-All Test:

Here’s a quick riddle for you. Ready? Don’t cheat… 

Johnny likes apples, but he likes apple pies better.

Johnny gets 2 apples from the grocery store.

He goes home and asks his mom, “Is this enough to make a pie?”

His mom says, “No, but you can eat them plain.” And goes back to looking at her phone.

Johnny goes to his friend’s house and picks two more apples.

He comes home and asks his mom, “Is this enough to make a pie?”

His mom says, “No, but you can eat them plain.” And goes back to playing on her computer.

Johnny goes to school and trades his snack for two more apples and brings them home.

He asks his mom, “Is this enough to make a pie?”

His mom says, “Yes, but you can eat them plain.” Then, she closes her tablet and surprises Johnny with a hot apple pie from the oven.

Now, for the questions:

1) How many apples did Johnny collect in all?

2) How many free ways to win cash at PCHgames did Johnny’s mom get in all?

3) Doesn’t apple pie sound delicious right about now?!?

If you answered “six” to at least one of these questions, great job, you passed the test! While Johnny was out collecting apples, his mom was going for big prizes in the PCHgames Tournament. And since Johnny’s mom likes playing, but she likes winning better, she knew that by getting entries on desktop, tablet and mobile, she’d have the most chances to win today – and could even find enough time to bake an apple pie!

You saw how more apples was better for Johnny, just like getting more entries is better for you – and if you go for each way to win each and every day you could be “liking them apples” in no time!

And remember, for each Tournament you play, you’ll get a shot to win as Top Scorer or Top Token Earner, so even if you’re skilled at making pies like Johnny’s mom, but maybe not so skilled at Mahjongg Dimensions, you could still win just for giving it a try.

So, what are you waiting for? Go for all six free ways to win cash  – on desktop, mobile and tablet – in the PCHgames Tournament now!

Good Luck,

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

P.S. Don’t have a tablet? My library has one I can use for free… your town might do that, too. Check it out!




11 thoughts on “Now PCHgames Has Even More Free Ways To Win Cash!”

  1. Yes pch i want to win and claim my chznce to become a millionaore activate a valid entry activate valid prize number activate my claim to both activate compliance final step activate a win win for mr johnathan i ACTIVATE prize patrol with droving direction stated here in thank u pch please make my dreams come

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hello Jonathon, thank you so much for your support; we really appreciate your patronage! I would like to remind you that a purchase is never required to enter or to win. Every entry has the same fair chance whether a purchase is made or not. Keep trying and don’t give up. Our winners are randomly selected; there’s no way to know who we’re going to award next. There are multiple ways to enter into our many exciting giveaways. You can see all those entry options here:

  2. SHARONETTE Taylor says:

    Got that money ! the pch patrol got the check, balloons, flowers and ALL … 2.6 M. Five T. Life, and silver Gray Lincoln mk SUV . HALLELUJAH ! AMEN LOVE

  3. Akiro says:


  4. Craig Brown says:

    In to win
    Want to see PCH knocking at my door
    But my apps keep having time outs and technical difficulties
    What’s a player to do
    I keep slugging away hope for a Home Run.
    Love you all PCH.
    Thanks for the dreams
    God Bless and good luck EVERYONE..

  5. Delbert Leymon says:


  6. Maggie Bottoms says:

    I want to win pch gwy dec 22rd 2016 hoping & praying tooo

  7. soy jugadora diaria de PCH I love enter por un gran premio quiero conocer a la patrulla premio elite que hace feliz a muchas personas en este pais, yo espero ser una de esas personas feliz por ganar un gran premioy tener en mi puerta a Prize Patrol Elite the amo I love.

  8. Jason Kelley says:

    In it to win it!

  9. Jenkins says:

    🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋 In it to WIN BiG🙏

  10. Kristi Lynne Burkhalter says:

    Yes I would be happy to win cash prizes i hope to win super huge one lucky day

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