Spin the $500.00 Wheel Of Winning at PCHslots!!!

Have you checked out PCHslots yet and taken a spin of the $500.00 Wheel of Winning? PCHslots brings you some of the best Vegas-style slots available online, for FREE, anywhere!12_7_pch-slots

Every day at Publishers Clearing House is spent discovering new ways to live up to our mission – to entertain, inspire, and delight with winning opportunities, games, and compelling offers! One of the best ways to do that is to listen to YOU – our loyal fans and friends who not only enter the SuperPrize every day, but also take the time to write to us and tell us what they love about the PCH online experience.

Two of the most frequent requests are “more ways to win” and “more chances to win cash.” OK – you wanted it, so now you’ve got it!


PCHslots gives you plenty of ways to win and lots of chances to do so, including the $500.00 Wheel of Winning instant-win game. Every time you complete seven (7) gameplays, you’ll unlock the $500.00 Wheel of Winning! And PCH makes getting started on your way to the Wheel of Winning even easier with daily CASH tournaments. By the time you finish the daily cash tournament, you’ll have unlocked the $500.00 Wheel of Winning! Then, keep playing PCHslots for more chances to spin the $500.00 Wheel of Winning.




Why is it that we love playing slots so much? For the most part, slots are a “brain vacation.” They let us clear our minds of grown-up worries, require no card counting or complex calculations, and are simply fun! All it requires from the player is to just roll with it.

And the proposition is even better with PCHslots! Why?

  • There’s no cost to play and every opportunity to win!
  • Play anytime, anywhere, without having to wait for an open machine. PCHslots are always open!
  • PCHslots make your sense come alive with amazing graphics and imaginative games!
  • PCHslots let you indulge your dreams of winning BIG!

So what are you waiting for? Head over to PCHslots and get playing so you can unlock the $500.00 Wheel of Winning!

Here’s hoping you have some “reel” fun,

Russell S.
PCH Creative


117 thoughts on “Spin the $500.00 Wheel Of Winning at PCHslots!!!”

  1. Desmond A Nduka says:

    That’s so sweet

  2. Jennifer norrell says:

    Yes im vip elite would love to win for me and my Girls I love them and they deserve the best in life………

  3. Mariann Shepherd says:

    PCHsearch&win VIP/ELLITE EXCLUSIVE CASH PRIZE Seaching 5 days in a row qualified me to go for a $5,000.00 EXCLUSIVE PRIZE. Thank you

  4. Kenneth Heath says:

    Doing 5 searches for $10,000,000.00 to get 2 entries for each search.

    Search # 1 of 5



  5. RINA says:


  6. Kenneth Heath says:

    I want the 2 entries to win the $10,000.00 plus the $1,000.00, but I need to win a lot more than that for South Carolina. Why don’t you like South Carolina???



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