Insider News: An All New PCHblog Is Coming In Just Days!



Hey Blog Readers,

Since we’ve started the PCHblog, the PCHplay&win blog and the PCHSearch&Win blog we’ve heard so many great things from you fans out there… and we’ve been paying attention!

You’ve told us that you really want to win – and that you read the blog to get in on all of the action…

You’ve told us how you want to be able to understand and use our sites more easily…

You’ve told us how much you love blogs written by your favorite PCHers…

You’ve told us SO much – and we’ve listened to every word!

That’s why we’ve created an all new, just-for-you, PCHblog that puts fans like you first!

We’ve tried our best to create a new way for you to enjoy everything PCH has to offer all in one place by combining all THREE BLOGS into one “SUPERBLOG” you can enjoy without clicking away or searching for other websites. So now, it’s going to be easier than ever to find all the INSIDER TIPS you love!

And even though we won’t be updating the PCHPlay&Win blog or the PCHSearch&Win blog anymore once the new PCHblog posts next week, we promise you’ll still get all the details on those ways to win – because blog readers like you deserve to know everything that PCH has to offer!

You’re going to love how easy it is to get all the info you love on our new blog — but that’s only the beginning of all the amazing new features we’ve got waiting for you! With the new PCHblog, you’ll get easy, 1-click access to all our destinations — so you can go ahead and jump from the blog to that new lotto card – or to do your first search of the day… wherever you go in PCH, you’ll be able to get there from our brand new blog site! It’s so convenient! And there are just so many new exciting features – if I could only change one thing it would be that I have to wait to show you EVERYTHING we’ve got coming…

But, that doesn’t mean I can’t TELL you more… and as a matter of fact, I’ve saved the biggest and absolute best INSIDER NEWS for last, Blog readers! With our brand new, PCHblog, reading has its benefits, including an opportunity to WIN A MILLIONAIRE MAKING SUPERPRIZE that’s available right from our blog site!   So, when we tell you about all our ways to win, you’ll be able to enter on the spot – and that extra entry could be the one that changes your life!

So please, look out for updates over the next few days – and let me know if you’re excited about what’s coming in the brand new, just-for-you, PCHblog!

Happy Reading!

Laurel U.
PCH Creative


18 thoughts on “Insider News: An All New PCHblog Is Coming In Just Days!”

  1. mike walczak says:

    hello pch and yes i would like to win 50,00000 plus 1,500.00 a week for life

  2. okmark says:

    first i will thank god ,than i will sing moving on up to the east side i finnal got piece of that pie

  3. mona vestal says:

    please come to my house on 23th Yadkinville, north Carolina, I play everyday and have been for a long time. mona vestal I would thank the lord for sending u to my home 1st, cry and call my daughter

  4. Robert tenney says:

    Scream scream

  5. Faye Mottley says:

    PCH Win 2.6million plus more December 22nd PCH Gwy 88OO bring me flowers champagne and balloons knock on my door the new address 3996 Crossing Way Stone Mountain Georgia ZIP code 30083 $5,000.00 A week for life

  6. SHARONETTE Taylor says:

    Blogging this, knock, knock, who’s there, PCH patrol TOO LANCASTER California, come all THEE faithful servants… can’t out give God ! AMEN AMEN BLESSINGS. 2017 deliverance in ALL THINGS.

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