HOW would you react if TODD showed up at your door?


Now’s the time to start thinking about it, guys – because Todd Sloane, veteran PCH Prize Patrol Elite Team member, will definitely be delivering a “Big Check” next FRIDAY, December 23rd

And what a prize! Our Prize Patrol is prepared to deliver $10,000 A Week For Life or $10 Million paid at once in next week’s Special Early Look prize event.

SO TELL US! WHAT WOULD YOU DO if you opened the door next Friday and saw Todd and the Prize Patrol standing there with a “Big Check” made out to YOU?









Now … PLEASE JOT DOWN YOUR ANSWER in the “Comments” section below!

And my friends, PAY HEED: These are the LAST 2 DAYS for you to enter to win next Friday. Even if you’ve sent in entries before, you never know which one could match the winner and win you a fortune.

Of course, when we look to see whether the matching winning number for next week’s Special Early Look event has been returned on time, it could be that it hasn’t. Rest assured that we will immediately go to a second chance drawing and award the winner $1,000,000 guaranteed.

I hope I’ve got you thinking about Todd showing up at your door next Friday – and encouraged you to use these last two precious days to go for a prize he could bring: $10,000 A Week For Life or $10 Million all at once!

Enter now and maybe you WILL get to meet Todd next week!


Your pal,

274 thoughts on “HOW would you react if TODD showed up at your door?”

  1. Gigi K says:

    I honestly don’t know! Most likely a combo of ‘all of the above.’ Or it’s very possible I could just end up in a catatonic state due to shock.

  2. Kelly marshall says:

    I’m not sure I would like to.find out I’m in it to win it

  3. Kelly Conway says:

    Shout, dance laugh, shout out to the world iam the newest pch millionair

  4. Kelly Conway says:

    I love the way you roll pch prize patroll team i really want to win
    Ps. I need activation code urgent

  5. Juber ahamed says:

    One never loss anything by doing good things

  6. Rod Rossignol says:

    All the Above! I’d Scream, Laugh, Cry, then Dance!!!

  7. Desiree Hall says:

    I would probably fall down and kiss the ground, then get back up and give Todd a hug!!!

  8. Michelle stanberry says:

    Id cry in disbelievement there is so many things this would make possible
    Surgery …college for my daughter… Help others.

  9. since I am out of work for now I would cry if you paid me a visit here in bangor maine
    I enter every day trying to have some fun and hoping to win.

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