PCH Big Check Wants To Know: Who’s Feelin’ Lucky?



Hey, It’s me, your pal Lucky, the PCH Big Check and I’m writing today because I just heard the news – it’s THE LAST DAY TO ENTER for the new Winner’s Choice Prize I’ve been telling you about – the one that lets a winner decide whether to accept $10,000.00 A Week For Life or take$10 Million instead!

That’s right – next week, my payline could be showing off 9 ZEROS ($10,000,000.00) – NINE – can you believe they’d all fit? I’m not one to brag, but I have been beefing up again lately, trying to get my corners nice and strong just in case someone picks that HUMONGOUS Prize!

But that’s not all I’ve been doing to get ready for the Prize Event on December 23rd… I’ll confess … your pal Lucky has been (gasp!) getting his seal touched up just in case a winner picks the $10,000.00 A Week For Life Prize! Now, my Mama would say “I’m more dramatic than a Deposit Slip when you mention online banking,” but I have a very real fear that a winner could mistake any “salt & pepper” in my seal for a zero that got stuck in the wrong place when I put my prize on – so with the touch up done, I feel much better!

So, now that my seal is shiny, my corners are nice and firm and I’m feeling ready to deliver – I find out it’s the last day to enter. And with everything I’ve been doing, I needed to make sure my friends on the blog are doing what they need to, too! Are you feelin’ me?

Take Advantage Of Every Way To Enter You Possibly Can Today And I Could Be Showing Up At Your Door In Just 9 DAYS!

That means checking your emails, going to PCH.com, PCHSearch&Win and PCHfrontpage. It means getting over to PCHlotto  and playing the PCHlotto App (Apple/Android), PCHPlay&Win App (Apple/Android) and The PCH App App (Apple/Android). And let’s not forget your entry in the PCHfrontpage App, (Apple/Android) too. Any one of these entries on the LAST DAY TO ENTER could win it for you! Are you feelin’ me, yet?

I hope you’re “feelin’ me” – your pal Lucky, The PCH Big Check – and that you’re feeling Lucky enough to go for every way to win you can today! Then, if you win, you could be feelin’ me in person when we get to hug for the very first time!

So, Good Luck, on this, the LAST DAY TO ENTER! Make sure you go for the big Winner’s Choice prize — and let me know below… Are YOU Feelin’ Lucky?

Lucky Windfall
The PCH Big Check


175 thoughts on “PCH Big Check Wants To Know: Who’s Feelin’ Lucky?”

  1. Donna Hickman says:

    I have never won any money ever in my 85 years and it would be a real miracle if I actually won at this time. I just keep entering and hoping things will change and I would actually win something. My children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren would all be happily taken care od.

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hello Donna, it sounds like you’re definitely “in it to win it” and that’s awesome to hear! Keep trying and don’t give up. There are multiple entry options for all of our exciting giveaways. To see them all, click here: http://bit.ly/Enter-A-PCH-Sweeps.

  2. Kelly marshall says:

    I in it to win it

  3. KEELY MAINA says:

    i’m feeling blessed i have fun playing pch games

  4. Donna Stanczyk says:

    I Am Feeling Very Lucky PCH! I Am Praying I Win The 2.6 Million Plus 5,000 A Week For Life. I Am Disabled I Walk on a Walker, and Ride in a Wheelchair when I Go to The Mall or Food Shopping. It Would Be a Big Dream To Win. Thanks Donna

  5. Jodi Doffing says:

    May luck be a lady tonight please pch I’m ready when you are Lord willing! God bless and Happy HOLIDAYS!

  6. LaTonya Tucker says:

    I am feeling lucky. I just keep the faith that God hears my prayer.

  7. James Plunk says:

    My wife and I have made a pack, that if we win. 50% automatically goes to St. Jude Children’s Hospital. We will pay off our bills, insure our children have places to live, the grand kids are able to go to college and our great grand-son can go to college. what ever is left over will be given again to St. Jude Children’s Hospital. But our chances of winning is slim to none. Wen just pray whom ever wins does good with it, not just blows it away.

  8. Kimberly Kahakauwila says:

    I will bless.family friends my church and donate to a cause that i like… i will win big one day…..

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